Botched and bloody abortions expose a hidden secret the abortion industry hopes you’ll never know

Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 from Pexels

The abortion industry depends on a cloak of secrecy to hide what really goes on behind closed doors.

If people actually knew about the bloody and botched abortions sending women to the hospital – there would be a major firestorm to shut down abortion mills for good.

But the hidden secret of botched and bloody abortions continues to leak out even though the abortion industry is trying to hide it.

More than a dozen botched abortions at this clinic rushed women to the hospital by an ambulance

Hope Clinic for Women (HCW) is a high-volume, late-term abortion slaughterhouse in Granite City, Illinois.

Last year, Pro-Life group Operation Rescue published a report stating at least 11 women were transported to the hospital by an ambulance for abortions gone wrong.

And this year, in March and April alone, another four women were rushed to the hospital as horrified Pro-Lifers stood outside the abortion provider and witnessed the medical emergencies. 

Chilling 911 calls reveal the bloody truth

HCW has been forced to call 911 multiple times so dispatchers can send an ambulance to rush the bleeding women to a local hospital so they don’t die at HCW.

Operation Rescue obtained copies of the 911 calls – and one in particular had a HCW employee telling the 911 operator that the 26-year-old patient had “more bleeding” than usual but added in a cheerful tone that her “procedure” was done and that she was “good to go.” 

Of course, the “procedure” was the slaying of an unborn baby being ripped out of the safety of the mother’s womb.

Call after call had the same problem – “abnormal” or “unusual” bleeding after a gruesome abortion.

No – abortion isn’t safe 

Of course, the abortion industry never wants the 911 calls leaked to the public.

They don’t want photos taken by Pro-Lifers of women being ushered out of the deadly abortion provider on a gurney to be transported to a hospital.

If women actually knew their own lives were in danger from getting an abortion – many would be too scared to ever step foot through the doors of an abortion facility.

Pulling back the curtain of secrecy 

But as bloody and botched abortions continue, Pro-Lifers are committed more than ever to tell the real story of what happens behind closed doors of the so-called “women’s health clinics.”

In addition to innocent babies being killed, women themselves are in danger.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said of all the abortion providers HCW is “certainly one of the most deplorable,” and added his group was “working hard, doing all that is within our power, to close the doors of this death trap once and for all.”

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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