Brave mom traveled out of state to place her newborn baby in a Safe Haven box 

Photo by Sam Rana from Pexels

Some new moms feel they aren’t able to care for their newborn babies so they abandon them and leave them to die. 

This tragedy can be avoided if moms only knew there are people and organizations willing to help them. 

One brave mom sought help and even traveled out of state to place her newborn baby inside a Safe Haven box to be rescued. 

These anonymous and legal boxes are saving lives

Safe Haven laws allow parents to freely give up their babies anonymously without fear of prosecution within 30 days of giving birth.

Parents can take their baby to any hospital emergency room, police or sheriff department, or a fire department that is staffed 24 hours a day.

Some states take it even further and have Safe Haven Baby Boxes, which are temperaturecontrolled monitored boxes, placed in safe locations like fire departments or police stations.

When a baby is placed inside, an alarm goes off alerting staff and within seconds the infant is rescued.

This life-saving program isn’t talked about much . . . 

. . .  but countless moms who believe they are unable to care for their babies are using it in a last, desperate attempt to choose life.  

This mom drove out of state

A new mom was not able to care for her baby, but her state didn’t have any Safe Haven boxes.

But instead of leaving her baby to die, this brave mom drove to Arkansas and was able to safely place her baby inside a Safe Haven box at a local fire station.

Benton Fire Chief Russ Evans applauded the mom’s decision and said “to the mother, thank you for your decision and for allowing the Benton Fire Department to be a part of your journey. Please know your child is healthy and stunningly handsome. God bless you,” Evans wrote in a press release.

Evans recognized the mother could have abandoned her baby – but instead she wanted her baby to have a life she felt she couldn’t provide.

Monica Kelsey, CEO and Founder of the Safe Haven Baby Box Organization, also acknowledged the mom’s tough decision.

Kelsey said she was “so thankful this parent chose a safe option for their child.” 

She continued, “We may never know the reason they used this baby box, but we do know how much they loved their baby.” 

Countless ways to choose life

The abortion industry lies to women, convincing them the only option they have is abortion.

Abortion advocates never suggest life-saving options like connecting pregnant moms to a crisis pregnancy center, or recommending adoption to a mom who is unable to care for her child.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes aren’t as widely utilized and still aren’t available in every state, but they are yet another tool to give moms a chance to choose life. 

And as more and more lives are saved through these Safe Haven Baby Boxes, abortion groups can no longer deny the effectiveness of these life-saving boxes.

Cheers to this brave mom for choosing life! 

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