California just dumped millions of taxpayer dollars into training doctors how to perform this horrific act

Photo by Jimmy Conover from Unsplash

The blue state of California has found a new and disgusting way to spend tax dollars. 

They’re investing in something that NO ONE needs more of. . .

California just dumped millions of taxpayer dollars into training doctors how to perform this horrific act. 

In a jaw-dropping move that echoes the radical stance of pro-abortion advocates, California has announced a staggering $20 million investment aimed at bolstering its abortion industry. 

The state plans to channel these funds into two initiatives – the Reproductive Health Service Corps (RHSC) and the Pharmacists Comprehensive Abortion and Reproductive Health Empowerment (Pharmacists CARE). 

Pro-life Americans are left appalled by the state’s brazen commitment to expanding abortion services and training healthcare professionals to facilitate the destruction of innocent lives.

California Governor Gavin Newsom proudly declared, “In this volatile time after the overturning of Roe v. Wade by extremist judges, California will continue to support women in California and across the country.” 

The $20 million injection is earmarked to train abortionists, diversify the healthcare workforce, and encourage medical professionals to refer patients for abortions. 

The announcement also includes plans to expand the reach of chemical abortions, making the abortion pill more widely accessible.

Governor Newsom’s assertion of California’s commitment to “reproductive freedom” is met with skepticism by pro-life advocates. 

The reality is starkly disturbing – abortion is not healthcare. 

It irrevocably terminates the life of the preborn child, jeopardizing the well-being of the mother. 

Studies have consistently shown the dangers associated with the abortion pill, with its risks surpassing those of first-trimester surgical abortions. 

Reports indicate that six percent of women using the abortion pill required emergency care for complications, highlighting the potential harm posed by chemical abortions.

Governor Newsom’s tenure has witnessed a relentless push to advance abortion, even at the expense of endangering preborn lives. 

The allocation of millions in state funds to fortify the security of abortion facilities and create task forces promoting abortion reflects a stark prioritization of the abortion agenda. 

Newsom has spearheaded a constitutional amendment categorizing abortion as a constitutional “right,” further entrenching the state’s commitment to the culture of death.

The Golden State has strategically positioned itself as a destination for women seeking abortion, presenting a macabre reality where the killing of preborn children is a lucrative industry. 

California’s unabashed efforts to attract women from other states to undergo abortion procedures underline the state’s commitment to capitalizing on the tragic end of innocent lives. 

Pro-lifers, of course, find this reprehensible, questioning the moral compass of a state that actively fosters the business of death.

While California officials, including Health Human Services Agency Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly, emphasize the investment’s transformative impact on accessible and equitable reproductive healthcare, pro-life advocates highlight the deceptive language employed. 

Abortion, they argue, cannot be equated with healthcare, as it results in the termination of a human life, contradicting the fundamental principles of true medical care.

As California funnels $20 million into expanding its abortion infrastructure, pro-life Americans are compelled to stand firm against the encroachment of a culture that prioritizes death over life. 

The battle for the sanctity of life intensifies as states like California wield significant resources to advance an agenda that endangers the most vulnerable among us. 

The call to defend life becomes more urgent than ever in the face of a disturbing commitment to the culture of death.

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