Californians are singing a different tune now that the this radical movement has come to their backyards

Photo by Hourick, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In the seemingly paradoxical land of California, renowned for its liberal stance on social issues, a surprising trend has emerged. 

Some in the state, which is a stronghold for woke policies, aren’t actually open to everything Gavin Newsom and his leftist minions want to implement.

And some Californians are singing a different tune now that this radical movement has come to their backyards.

“Not in my backyard” (NIMBYism) sentiments are echoing through various Californian cities, revealing a grassroots resistance to the establishment of new abortion facilities.

Californians, most of whom advocate for all-access abortion, want abortion to be available but invisible to them. 

They don’t want to have to witness the horrors they promote. 

Despite California’s reputation as an abortion haven, pockets of resistance are evident in the state’s communities. 

Protests erupted in Fontana, where citizens voiced their objections to a new abortion facility, and in Beverly Hills, community pushback resulted in the loss of a lease for an existing facility. 

Planned Parenthood, facing opposition from residents, abandoned plans for a facility in Visalia, while bureaucratic obstacles hindered the opening of a new facility in El Centro.

The discord in California challenges the perception that the state universally supports abortion rights. 

Jon Dunn, head of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties, emphasized the contrast to Politico, stating, “Here we are in bright blue California, and I think the perception from other parts of the country is that we’re wildly supported here. The Governor has been a champion for us, as has our legislature, but municipality by municipality, it can be very different.”

Billboards funded by the LA Abortion Support Collective and the National Institute for Reproductive Health are now visible in Los Angeles, advocating for the opening of the contested Beverly Hills facility. 

Jess Fuselier, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Abortion Support Collective, explained that despite legal protections for abortion in the state, clinics providing essential abortion care, particularly later in pregnancy, face opposition in the state.

However, what often goes unacknowledged is the deep-rooted discomfort many people feel towards abortion, even if they support its legal status.

The theoretical notion of allowing individuals autonomy over their bodies encounters a stark reality when confronted with the moral implications associated with abortion. 

Public opinion on abortion takes a significant turn when individuals are exposed to the unfiltered truth about the procedure. 

Live Action’s man-on-the-street videos, featuring non-graphic, 2D animated representations of abortion procedures, capture the genuine reactions of people who witness the harsh reality.

Viewers’ perspectives shift drastically when they see the violence of abortion laid bare. 

One man expressed shock to Live Action reporters, stating, “It was horrific, yeah. It was kind of sad to see the baby moving and then it getting, like, torn out of there.” 

Another participant likened the procedure to “mutilation,” while others were taken aback by the size of the fetus and the graphic nature of the process.

The resistance to abortion facilities in California echoes a broader sentiment among Americans who, despite supporting the legality of abortion, recoil at the stark reality of the procedure. 

They hypothetically want to vote for “choice,” but when faced with the realities of abortion, they start changing their tunes. 

The reality in California should invigorate pro-lifers to continue to share about the horrors of abortion, the tragic effects for mothers, and the beauty of choosing life. 

As Californians start to waver about abortion clinics, maybe the time has come for hearts and minds to be changed for good. 

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