California’s latest anti-life measure will make your blood boil

California Governor Gavin Newsom and his anti-life crew are on the prowl yet again.

And just when you think their pro-abortion policies couldn’t get any worse – they did.

But the latest anti-life measure is so extreme it will make your blood boil.

California – where babies go to die

California is one of the most pro-abortion states in the nation.

They allow abortion for any reason, at any stage during a woman’s pregnancy.

Newsom is so proud of his extreme pro-abortion policies he boasts about it, and even puts up billboard campaigns in Pro-Life states trying to lure women to come to his state to kill their babies.

And just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for unborn babies – a new law has gone into effect.

Unsupervised abortions are now legal

In California, physician assistants, nurses, and midwives are allowed to abort babies.

As if that isn’t insane enough – California went even further and passed a law allowing nurse practitioners to commit abortions with no doctor oversight!


The law even allows physician assistants to train others how to abort babies – furthering the killing of babies without a doctor’s supervision.

With so many women already suffering from botched abortions WITH doctors doing the killing themselves . . .

. . . one can’t even begin to imagine how many more women will suffer under the new unsupervised abortion law.

In fact, a decade old University of California San Francisco study found abortions committed by non-physicians were likely to end in complications compared to the same gruesome procedure performed by doctors, Live Action News reported.

Abortion is always a brutal act that ends the life of a beating heart – but now women face further risk of injury and even death with the new law.

But the abortion industry does not care – because their focus isn’t on women – it is on making money and aborting as many babies as possible.

Planned Parenthood rejoices

Of course, Planned Parenthood is thrilled at being able to have more pro-aborts train others how to end an innocent life.

Calling abortion an “essential service” – Jessica Dieseldorff, a Senior Program Manager at Planned Parenthood said she is “encouraged” at being able to help train others how to slaughter more babies.

Dieseldorff said “It’s encouraging this cross-profession training and collaborations, which is really important when we’re looking at increasing access to essential services,” reported Live Action News.

Dieseldorff is a nurse practitioner herself, who kills babies and trains others to do the same.

As if doctors and even nurse practitioners performing abortions in California wasn’t bad enough – this new law creates one of the most anti-life environments America has ever seen.

Gavin Newsom and his anti-life crew must be stopped and voted out of office before it’s too late.

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