Catholic Charity exposed after bombshell report reveals it promotes abortion

Many pro-lifers admirably want to give money to the cause. . . 

But little do they know some so-called “pro-life” groups aren’t all they claim to be.

And now, this Catholic Charity is being exposed after a bombshell report reveals it promotes abortion.

A recent report revealed how a popular pro-life donation charity actually gives money to some pretty shady (and not at all pro-life) groups. 

A Catholic charity that claims to be pro-life is coming under fire after it was revealed where their donations actually go. 

A bombshell revelation has rocked the Christian conservative community as the Lepanto Institute and Population Research Institute (PRI) unveil a joint investigation exposing Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for its alleged complicity in promoting abortions and other anti-life practices in African countries. 

Prepare to uncover the truth behind this scandalous report that has sent shockwaves through the pro-life movement!

In a press conference held on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, the Lepanto Institute and PRI dropped a bombshell, accusing CRS of promoting condoms and contraception, as well as encouraging abortions, through federally-funded projects in Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho. 

The findings of this extensive investigation shed light on a disturbing reality hidden behind the guise of humanitarian aid.

The 130-page investigative report, supported by thousands of pages of documents, recorded conversations, and photographs, exposes CRS’s involvement in morally questionable activities across multiple African countries. 

From promoting masturbation to referring girls as young as 10 to abortion and contraception providers, CRS stands accused of betraying its Catholic identity in pursuit of secular agendas.

The report outlines damning evidence of CRS’s activities in each of the three countries:


– CRS led the implementation of the KIDSS project, producing materials promoting masturbation and “safe sex” while discouraging sexual activity without condoms.

– Partnerships with abortion-minded organizations like RENATA raised concerns about CRS’s compliance with Catholic moral teachings.

– Catholic hospitals were implicated in distributing pornographic sex education materials supplied by external organizations.


– CRS spearheaded the DREAMS project, aiming to increase contraceptive use among adolescents and young girls in vulnerable populations.

– Implementing partners promoted and provided condoms and contraceptives, with CRS’s direct knowledge and consent.

– CRS’s collaboration with public outreach campaigns further highlighted its involvement in spreading condoms.


– CRS’s 4Children project included pornographic sex education and referred girls to contraception providers under the DREAMS project.

– Partnerships with organizations like Population Services International (PSI) facilitated the distribution of condoms during community service events.

– CRS’s involvement in the successor project, Karabo ea Bophelo (KB), aimed at increasing contraceptive prevalence among Lesotho youth.

The report concludes with recommendations urging the bishops of the United States to reevaluate their support for CRS. 

With evidence suggesting CRS’s entanglement in projects contrary to Catholic teachings, the call for accountability grows louder.

As Archbishop Gerard Lerotholi of Lesotho voiced concerns over CRS’s lack of transparency and collaboration with local churches, questions arise about CRS’s fidelity to Catholic and pro-life principles. 

The report highlights Pope Benedict XVI’s instruction on receiving funds from organizations promoting sexual immorality, emphasizing the bishops’ role in safeguarding the faithful.

In light of these revelations, the report urges CRS to rely on the support of American Catholics for projects aligned with pro-life teachings. 

The shocking findings underscore the urgent need for transparency and accountability within Catholic humanitarian organizations. 

Pro-lifers must be vigilant about where their hard-earned money ends up and call pro-life groups to a higher standard when it comes to remaining consistent to pro-life values across all efforts. 

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