Catholics were shocked when Hallow partnered with the biggest pro-abortion activist in Ireland

Photo by James Coleman from Unsplash

Hallow is a very popular meditation and prayer app for Catholics.

Guided meditations and prayers on the app are supposed to be 100% in line with Church teaching.

That’s why Catholics were shocked when Hallow partnered with the biggest pro-abortion activist in Ireland.

Liam Neeson is an Irish actor best known for his roles in Schindler’s List and Taken and for being the voice of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Hallow, a Catholic meditation and prayer app, made Neeson a featured narrator for its Advent Pray25 challenge.

But many Catholics are furious at Hallow given how Neesom is known as one of the leading pro-abortion radicals in Ireland.

“I’ve received a lot of messages about Hallow’s marketing of Liam Neeson for their Advent Campaign,” Live Action President Lila Rose wrote on X. “Hallow was a sponsor for my show recently but no longer is.”

Rose explained how Neeson helped make abortion on demand the law of the land in Ireland in 2018.

“Unfortunately, Neeson was one of the most prominent activists and public faces for the campaign to legalize abortion on demand in Ireland,” she wrote. “The campaign succeeded and abortion is now legal in the once pro-life Ireland,” she continued, before adding “that public advocacy is not in keeping with the Church’s teaching on the sacredness of life, or with basic respect for human rights.”

Rose then put Hallow on notice that a Catholic company has no business making a radical pro-abortion activist the “face for a Catholic prayer company’s Advent Campaign.” 

“I think the Hallow app has done a ton of good and it’s disappointing to see the amazing company they’ve built embroiled in this scandal,” Rose continued. “I hope Hallow does the right thing and ends their marketing relationship with Neeson.”

Rose is not alone in her disappointment with Hallow.

Avila Institute President Daniel Burke echoed Rose’s criticism of Hallow for making a pro-abortion radical the face of a meditation app created for Catholics.

“As a public figure and an outspoken advocate of the murder of unborn children, it is unthinkable to me (and to many) that he would be included in Hallow’s Advent meditations,” Burke wrote, before adding that “the same voice that was heard in anti-Catholic, pro-abortion video advertisements in Ireland will be offering prayerful reflections to Catholics this sacred season.”

Hallow CEO Alex Jones responded to the concerns by simply claiming to be Pro-Life yet refusing to get rid of Neeson.

“We respectfully disagree with those who claim that working with an actor who has done something in the past that disagrees with Church teaching, regardless of the details of how the work is arranged, is morally wrong,” Hallow CEO and co-founder Alex Jones wrote in a new statement this week.

“Hallow is not a place of judgment,” he added. “Hallow is a place for anyone looking to grow closer to God. Especially sinners.”

“Everything on the app is and always will be 100% in line with Church teaching,” he added.

Jones may be correct in that the contents of the app are in line with Church teaching.

But hiring a pro-abortion activist to recite the teachings flies in the face of Christian values.

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