Chicago politicians tried to hide the details of a botched abortion but they never saw this coming

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A woman was brutally injured at a Chicago abortion facility – and politicians wanted to keep it a secret.

Pro-Life group Operation Rescue tried to obtain a copy of the 911 call – but the city of Chicago refused to comply.

But just when Chicago politicians thought they could bury the injury for good – they were shocked to learn the botched abortion went public.

Ignoring the Federal Freedom of Information Act

Operation Rescue states that the Federal Freedom of Information Act guarantees the public access to 911 calls.

Ignoring the law, the city of Chicago refused to release the call.

Thinking they had won – they never expected that a woman injured at the shady abortion facility would go public.

A botched abortion gone public

Operation Rescue was determined to find out the truth of what went wrong that horrific day, so they began to research.

A quick search found a public online review from a woman who was injured at the abortion facility!

Her scathing review highlighted the dangers of abortion.

The woman gave a one-star review and wrote “They did not complete their job. I had to have surgery to get the rest of what they left, and I had to have 3 blood transfusions because I almost bled out to death!! DO NOT Recommend!!!”


Not only did an innocent baby lose its life – but the woman undergoing the abortion almost died herself.

There’s no telling if it was the same woman from the 911 call – but Operation Rescue states that multiple women have been injured at that same facility.

Punishing Pro-Lifers 

But instead of punishing abortion clinics for mutilating women’s bodies – the city of Chicago is punishing Pro-Lifers.

Chicago City Council advanced an ordinance to have 50-foot “quiet zones” around abortion centers preventing Pro-Lifers who are providing sidewalk counseling to help women choose life.

The same thing happening in the UK is actively making its way to American cities.

Pro-Lifers have the right to have their views – but pro-abortion politicians in Chicago are determined to silence them.

Instead of going after the real people harming women in abortion centers, Pro-Lifers are taking the hit.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman chided the Chicago ordinance and said, “It is shameful that the city of Chicago seems to care more about silencing those attempting to inform potential victims of this dangerous operation while also hiding important public information from the community and others who would perhaps travel to the facility from out of state,” Live Action News reported.

If it wasn’t for Pro-Life groups like Operation Rescue, Chicago would get away with burying their wicked deeds.

Thankfully, the botched abortion has been brought to light for the world to see, and hopefully women will think twice about getting an abortion. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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