Christian veteran who toppled satanic statue in Iowa just got the news no one was expecting

Radical left-wing Antifa thugs and pro-abortion fire bombers roam freely with no fear of prosecution for their violent acts.

Meanwhile, Christians and pro-life activists are hunted down, arrested and prosecuted for merely quietly praying.

And now this Christian veteran who toppled a satanic statue in Iowa just got the news no one was expecting.

The U.S. Navy veteran who knocked over a satanic statue in the Iowa State Capitol last December pleaded guilty to criminal mischief last week.

Not a hate crime

Michael Cassidy, a former candidate for the Mississippi House of Representatives made the plea in exchange for having a felony hate crime charge dropped against him.

Cassidy, a 36-year-old Christian activist was initially hit with a felony under Iowa’s hate crime statute after pushing over the Satanic Baphomet statue erected near a Nativity scene and then tossing its ram’s head in the garbage.

After turning himself in to authorities, he was charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. 

But then, in January, the Polk County Attorney’s Office enhanced the charge to a felony hate crime.

Cassidy was supposed to stand trial on June 3 and faced up to five years in jail if convicted of the hate crime. 

But in exchange for having the felony charge dropped, he agreed to plead guilty to a third-degree criminal mischief charge without the hate crime enhancement, according to The Des Moines Register.

Part of the plea deal included Cassidy admitting in writing that he “partially dismantled a display in the Iowa State Capitol Building, without a right/license to do so,” and that the damage he inflicted exceeded $750.

“Not today, Satan,” Cassidy tweeted. “Pleased to announce the Iowa DA just dropped their absurd felony hate crime charge and instead offered a deferred judgement misdemeanor (a fine, no jail time, nothing permanent on my record), which I accepted.”

“Many thanks to my family, my lawyers, my community, and the many Christians who have supported us morally and financially over the past several months,” he continued. 

“When Christians stick together, we can, and we will, win. I’ll have more to say in the weeks ahead, in the meantime please use this Memorial Day Weekend to remember and honor those who gave their lives in service of our nation. Thank you.”

A huge victory for religious liberty

Cassidy’s attorney David Younts told the conservative outlet The Republic Sentinel that prosecutors “finally agreed to drop the hate crimes enhancement after months-long legal battles over every aspect of this case.” 

He said the outcome was largely due to supporters who donated more than $134,000 to Cassidy’s legal defense fund on GiveSendGo.

“It is because of the people that came to his aid and an outstanding legal team that we were able to back the prosecutors into a corner and get this resolution,” Younts told the outlet. 

“Instead of a felony hate crime and jail time, Cassidy received deferred judgment for damage to property and the conviction will be expunged once the court process is complete.”

“Forcing the prosecutors to drop the hate crime is a huge victory for Cassidy and for religious freedom,” he added.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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