Christians were left slack-jawed as one church passed this shocking resolution on abortion

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The local church should be on the frontline of the abortion battle fighting to protect life.

But not all of them are.

And Christians were left slack-jawed as one church passed this shocking resolution on abortion.

“Forced birth is sexual violence”

The United Church of Christ is pro-abortion – and they aren’t afraid to say it.

Most churches regularly advocate for protecting the sanctity of human life just as Jesus commands.

And when Roe v. Wade was finally overturned – churches around the world rejoiced at the lives that would now be spared . . . 

. . .  but The United Church of Christ was downright furious.

In a shocking move, The United Church of Christ’s General Synod (their governing body) passed a resolution letting the world know their pro-abortion stance.

Their website boasted about the resolution stating its text affirms “the right of all people to access reproductive healthcare including contraception and abortion.”

Even more bizarre, the resolution states “forced birth is an act of sexual violence and the choice to have and care for children is a sacred decision which should not be forced upon anyone.”

“Forced birth” is “sexual violence”?

And what is abortion? 

A loving act?

Leftists seem to think so

An abortion sanctuary 

The grotesque resolution called on local churches to help women kill their babies – encouraging members to “physically, financially and spiritually accompany people seeking and receiving abortions and other reproductive healthcare in partnership with local healthcare agencies and abortion funds.”


One expects the secular world to promote abortion – as the world teaches people to take a “me first” approach to life.

But to have a so-called “church” promote abortion – and go so far as to pass a resolution claiming “forced birth” is violence is unconscionable.

Many pregnant moms who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies often turn to their local church for help.

Imagine what would happen should a scared pregnant mom step foot in a “church” like this!

Abortion is not “healthcare”

The United Church of Christ can pass whatever resolution they want.

But all the words in the world won’t change the fact that abortion ends the life of a precious baby created in the image of God.

Instead of encouraging abortion, churches must promote Pro-Life policies like adoption so moms who are unable to care for their children can still choose life.

The anti-life movement has crept into woke churches like The United Church of Christ.

Some so-called “pastors” even claim they are “conservative Christians” admitting that while abortion ends the life of a baby, they supported the resolution because they wouldn’t “want someone telling them” they must choose life. 

True love is putting the needs of another life above one’s own – as every mother does when she has a baby – and as Jesus did for the world.

Whatever type of pro-abortion “Christianity” this church is preaching is definitely not what most Christians believe. 

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