Chuck Schumer caves after Tuberville stands firm in his fight against Biden’s pro-abortion policies

Photo by The White House via flickr

As Democrats continue their assault on life some Republicans are starting to stand up and fight back.

And they are proving that standing for life is a winning issue.

That’s why Chuck Schumer caved after Senator Tuberville stood firm in his fight against Biden’s pro-abortion pentagon policies.

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) held fast in his battle to rid the U.S. military of its leftist woke policies.

Tuberville shows the GOP a way to victory

And at the forefront of the battle was the Pentagon’s illegal pro-abortion policy. 

The pro-life Alabama Senator was even accused of being a national security threat because of his efforts to stop the illegal Pentagon policies.

But now the narrative of his critics has crumbled this week when Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, begrudgingly agreed to Tuberville’s demands of votes on individual nominees and promotions.

Schumer has been one of Tuberville’s fiercest critics, even referring to him as a villain.

After Schumer caved to Tuberville Air Force General Charles Q. Brown Jr. was quickly confirmed as Mark Milley’s replacement as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

The next day, General Randy George of the Army and General Eric Smith of the Marines were confirmed as chiefs of staff for their respective services.

Of course Schumer and other Democrats have tried to save face,  but Tuberville said, “This is a win today for the legislative branch of government,” adding, “If Democrats want to complain then they should look in the mirror.”

Blatant violation of the law

Tuberville’s fight began shortly after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs ruling.

The Department of Defense began considering the possibility of putting in place a policy and programs to use taxpayer money on abortions in the military.

And the plans went far beyond what is permitted under federal law.

Despite this, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the implementation of the new pro-abortion policies in a February 16, 2023, memo. 

Austin’s memo detailed how the Pentagon would begin funding travel for service members and their dependents seeking to kill their unborn children and also provide them with paid time off.

Right after Austin’s memo was released Tuberville told Fox News Digital, “This is an illegal expansion of DoD authority and gross misuse of taxpayer dollars – and I will hold him accountable. The American people want a military focused on national defense, not facilitating a progressive political agenda,” adding, “if Secretary Austin wants to change law, he should go through Congress.”

Tuberville takes the fight to pro-abortion radicals

Military nominees and promotions are usually confirmed in blocks of nominations by unanimous consent.

But Tuberville made it clear he would invoke senatorial privilege and withhold his consent unless the Pentagon reversed its “illegal abortion policy.”

While holds are not blocks on nominations they do require the Senate majority leader to follow formal processes on the Senate floor. 

Even though Democrats and the pro-abortion lobby have claimed Tuberville’s actions are unheard of, they have done the same thing.

For example, Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO), a loud critic of Tuberville’s stance, said in July, “For 230 years, nobody in this chamber has done what the senator from Alabama is doing: put a hold on the military promotions that people in uniform, the flag officers of our Department of Defense, that ordinarily come through here in a customary way to get approved by the Senate.”

But Bennet himself actually threatened to hold up Pentagon nominees in January.

And Bernie Sanders (I-VT) placed a hold on Biden’s nominee to lead the National Institutes of Health.

Tuberville also pointed out that the nominees could have been voted on at any time. 

“Chuck Schumer allowing the backlog to build up over six months is his fault. We could have been confirming one or two a week for the last 200 days. It would have taken us just four hours of voting each week. But we didn’t do it. … Chuck Schumer refused again, and again, and again.”

Tuberville recently told Fox News Digital, “And so he blinked – we force his hand. … Now the American people can see they can do it, and hopefully he will continue to do it because I’m not changing my mind on the group at one time.”

And Tuberville said on the Senate floor, “Senator Schumer could have confirmed these nominees a long, long time ago.”

The Alabama Republican also made his position clear, “The hold will remain in place as long as the Pentagon’s illegal abortion policy remains in place. If the Pentagon lifts the policy, then I will lift my hold. It’s as easy as that.”

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