Chuck Schumer is grinning ear to ear as the Senate tries an end run around the Constitution to bring back one failed pro-abortion amendment

Photo by The White House via flickr

Democrats have proven they will do whatever it takes to promote their pro-abortion platform.

Even if it means breaking the law and violating the Constitution.

Now Chuck Schumer is grinning ear to ear as the Senate tries an end run around the Constitution to bring back one failed pro-abortion amendment.

The radical pro-abortion lobby has given up all pretenses of actually caring about women’s rights.

“An exercise in creative writing, not law”

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently held the first hearing in 40 years on the grossly misnamed Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins called the Senate hearing on the ERA “an exercise in creative writing, not law, which is what lawyers are supposed to care about.”

Hawkins continued, “Twice now, supporters of the ERA have failed to meet Congressional deadlines for passing the ERA, so they want to throw out the rule book and pretend that Congress can short circuit a process meant to be complicated and thoughtful. Amending our nation’s Constitution isn’t supposed to be easy and broad consensus is needed to make any changes.”

And Hawkins was not alone in that view.

Even as the Senate hearings began news broke of a decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that shot down the hearing’s arguments before they were even made.

The court ruled against Attorneys General Aaron Ford of Nevada and Kwame Raoul of Illinois to review a lower court decision that dismissed their case to enforce ratification of the ERA and demand the federal archivist add the ERA to the Constitution.

This latest ruling essentially means the archivist’s refusal to certify the ERA on orders from the Trump Justice Department was not clearly and indisputably wrong.

The court did seem to rule, however, that Congress could pass legislation changing the ratification deadlines already established.

ERA – “The Everything Related to Abortion act”

As far as SFLA’s Hawkins is concerned, the fight over the ERA is long over.

“Those obsessed with the ‘Everything Related to Abortion’ Act have twice failed to convince their fellow citizens, and given the radical nature of their demands, I’m not surprised. In fact, states actually pulled their support on further reflection. This issue is made even more controversial as the definition of ‘sex,’ meaning male and female, has been changed in many places to ‘gender,’ a fluid construct in the law that has led to all kinds of policies first-wave feminists could never have imagined,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins also pointed out, “Consider this, pro-abortion extremists couldn’t even convince the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, an avid abortion supporter, to embrace their manipulation of the rules to achieve their ends.”

For years, legendary pro-life leader Phyllis Schlafly led the fight against the ratification of ERA into the U.S. Constitution.

And Hawkins joined with Schlafly’s daughter Anne Schlafly Cori to pen an op-ed against the ERA.

In the op-ed, Hawkins and Cori point out the language of the debate is “code for abortion, something feminists in the ’70s understood as well. Betty Friedan, one of the founders of the modern pro-ERA movement, stated in her March 1978 letter to the International Women’s Year Conference delegates: ‘The ERA has become both symbol and substance for the whole of the modern woman’s movement of equality. Further, I am convinced if we lose this struggle for the ERA, we will have little hope in our own lifetime of saving our right to abortion.’”

Though the courts have spoken, it looks like the Senate will continue to push the issue, despite the legal setbacks.

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