Church’s pro-life sign vandalized in this blue state as pro-abort radicals continue their violent rampage

Cecouchman, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Biden DOJ is cracking down on pro-life activists and Christians for silently praying on public sidewalks.

Meanwhile the radical left is allowed to roam free inflicting harm on anyone they don’t like.

And another church’s pro-life sign was vandalized in this blue state as pro-abort radicals continue their violent rampage.

A pro-life sign at a Baptist Church in Maine was recently vandalized, and church members want the incident to be investigated by police as a hate crime against Christians.

Another attack on Christians

The vandalism at the Second Baptist Church in Palermo, ME was discovered on a Saturday evening.

Red paint was tossed on a church sign that reads, “Every Life Matters,” and “Abortion is Still Murder.”

The vandals also wrote two messages in paint: “Abortion is our human right,” and “Queer love 4 eva.”

State Representative Katrina Smith (R-Palermo) is a member of the church and called the vandalism an attack on the church.

“This is an escalation of violence against the church,” she told WCSH-TV. “For someone to come out and vandalize their house of worship, it really is intimidation, asking them not to continue to worship in the way that they are.”

The church has been vandalized multiple times, including once in 2019 and also once just a week prior to the latest attack.

Smith said she believes the attack would be considered a hate crime under Maine law.

“Well, to me, it’s a hate crime. This is a group of young children, families, just local people, and they have done nothing to speak out against any of the issues right now,” she added.

Leftists come to the defense of the vandals

Palermo Select Board Member Bob Kurek joined Smith in condemning the attack.

He said the vandalism was not an appropriate way to express political disagreement.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And even if that opinion is a strong opinion, it does not give people who disagree with that opinion the right to vandalize property or destroy property.”

But not everyone agreed the attack was a bad thing.

WCSH cited a Portland trial attorney who sprung to the vandals defense and argued that the vandalism didn’t necessarily interfere with the expression of religion by the congregants of the church.

But he misses the point.

Violence has always been a weapon in the Left’s arsenal.

They use it as a form of intimidation and have been more willing to use violence ever since the DOJ, FBI, and other police forces have become the Gestapo of the radical left.

They are emboldened to vandalize, burn, assault, and even kill in the name of mass murder of children.

A two-tiered justice system

While hundreds of pro-life activists, J6 prisoners and other opponents of Socialism sit in jail on Trumped up charges, the radical left and their stormtroopers know they can continue to commit violence with no fear of repercussions.

It is part of the ever-widening two-tiered justice system in which the left uses the criminal justice system to lock up its political opponents.

Meanwhile leftist agitators, vandals, rapists, arsonists, and even murderers are let go and if they are even prosecuted receive light sentences for far more violent crimes.

Unless this changes soon expect more violence.

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