Coca-Cola shareholders just voted down a pro-abortion mill proposal to target Pro-Life states

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Maybe it was the reaction to Bud Light’s disastrous trans affiliation.

Beer sales for once proud Anheuser-Busch are down an astonishing 26%!

Whatever the reason, Coca-Cola stockholders just overwhelmingly voted against a pro-abortion mill proposal to target Pro-Life states.

There is a saying gaining steam these days: “Go woke, go broke.”

Companies under intense pressure

Ron DeSantis took on Disney after the once kid-friendly company sided with groomers and woke socialists.

And Disney saw its sales drop drastically and its stock prices drop even more.

Of course, Anheuser-Busch just found out the hard way that the Bud Light brand couldn’t stand up to going woke.

And now Coca-Cola nipped a woke pro-abortion proposal in the bud before it hurt them.

Companies are coming under increased pressure by the radical left to go full woke and in the process destroy their very brand.

It’s actually part of the plan of these leftist agitators, they want companies to go out of business.

And no group is worse or more militant than the pro-abortion mill lobby.

They have made supporting abortion mandatory for all corporations.

But a funny thing happened on the way to woke for Coke.

87% say no to pro-abortion scheme

The shareholders said no!

Coca-Cola’s shareholders recently voted against a proposal to conduct a survey to show how Pro-Life state laws might be impacting the company’s sales. 

The proposal stated: “Shareholders request that Coca-Cola’s Board of Directors issue a public report prior to December 31, 2023, omitting confidential information and at a reasonable expense, detailing any known and potential risks or costs to the company caused by enacted or proposed state policies severely restricting reproductive rights, and detailing any strategies beyond litigation and legal compliance that the company may deploy to minimize or mitigate these risks.” 

The pro-abortion scheme was introduced by the radical leftist group As You Sow, a nonprofit that promotes ESG policies in corporations. 

But this time, they failed as a whopping 87% of Coca-Cola’s controlling shares voted against the measure. 

Cease operations in Pro-Life states

The proposal by As You Sow cited research attempting to show women who do not have access to abortion are more likely to drop out of the workforce. 

The group wanted Coca-Cola to perform the survey to see how this was affecting sales in Pro-Life states.

But in a proxy statement, Coca-Cola said its “robust risk management processes” are adequate to address these concerns. 

The company also stated further research into the matter is not needed.

Not surprisingly, the leftist activist group’s statement included a suggestion that the board of directors, at its discretion, could elect to cease all operations in states where Pro-Life laws are in place.

“In its discretion, the board’s analysis may include effects on employee hiring, retention, and productivity, and decisions regarding closure or expansion of operations in states proposing or enacting restrictive laws and strategies, such as public policy advocacy by the company, related political contribution policies, and human resources or educational strategies.”

And that of course is the real goal of the pro-abortion lobby.

They want to shut down any Pro-Life state and make them pay for wanting to save babies.

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