College campuses introduced a new and unthinkable way for students to kill their babies

Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

Abortion activists are always scheming up new ways to kill unborn babies.

But this time they’ve taken “convenience” too far. 

And now college campuses across the nation have introduced an unthinkable way for students to get an abortion. 

Vending machine abortions 

As if it isn’t enough college students can easily gain access to Plan B and other drugs from a pharmacy – universities are making it even easier.

Live Action News reports more than 17 states have set up Plan B “vending machines” – allowing students to simply walk up and purchase these chemical abortion pills along with their candy bar or soda.

Pro-abortion activists claim this helps students who “don’t have a car” or eases their anxiety to avoid the “stigma” of asking for them at a pharmacy.

Yes – Plan B drugs can induce an abortion

Many people think Plan B is simply a contraceptive to stop a woman from getting pregnant.

But as Live Action News previously reported, studies reveal that all forms of emergency contraception, including Plan B, can “function as abortifacients.”

“According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute’s assessment of the studies, ‘All point to Plan B’s having a predominantly post-fertilization (abortifacient) MOA [mechanisms of action] when it is given during a woman’s fertile period,’” Live Action News reported.

Even former President Obama opposed Plan B vending machines

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins spoke out on the dangers of allowing these drugs to be sold in vending machines on college campuses . . .

. . . by pointing out even Obama was hesitant to allow them.

During an interview on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Hawkins said “I actually agree with former President Obama on this one – that drugs in vending machines where abusers can have access to these drugs is a bad idea.”

When told college students appreciated the ease in being able to access these drugs, Hawkins pointed out sexual predators like the ease too. 

It’s also going to make it easier for abusers to have access to these drugs,” continued Hawkins.

“One of the reasons President Obama, even though he was 100% pro-abortion, opposed putting these drugs in vending machines next to soda and candy or water and granola bars because he even knew that these are dangerous drugs. That men can access these drugs and force feed them to girls they are abusing with no oversight,” said Hawkins.

And she’s exactly right.

Not only could Plan B pills cause harm to women and function as abortifacients – but sexual predators will exploit the “convenience” of simply anonymously walking up to a vending machine to purchase these pills to cover up evidence of their abuse.    

Getting drugs shouldn’t be easy

Instead of encouraging college kids to be promiscuous and simply pop drugs to prevent pregnancy (or end a baby’s life) – more should be taught on how to guard one’s body, and honor it.

But of course in a culture of “follow your heart” and “live in the moment” – college campuses are breeding grounds for promoting a depraved culture that doesn’t value life.

Having Plan B vending machines on college campuses won’t end well. 

And it’s too soon to tell the devastating effects these machines will have on the lives of women. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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