Comedian changed his mind about one issue after a landmark Supreme Court ruling

Political correctness is death for comedy.

That’s why anti-woke comedy has thrived over the past couple of years.

And a comedian changed his mind about one issue after a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Comedian JP Sears has played in many online sketches lampooning “woke” insanity. 

And while Sears said that there was an unlimited supply of material to attack on the Left, he explained that he wanted to poke fun at the Right, too, so conservatives don’t take themselves too seriously.

He recently told The Blaze, “Nine months ago, I had a realization. I need to do more self-deprecating comedy about conservatives…I saw a lot of my material making fun of the Left, the woke. I certainly still do that … but a lot of conservatives are taking themselves too seriously.”

Sears has also talked about his evolution on the issue of abortion.

Sears is trending in a pro-life direction.

He admittedly believed all of the “leftist propaganda” about abortion.

His thinking changed after the birth of his first child.

Sears explained in a video message, “I used to think pretty much like a leftist about abortion. Not only did I think women should have the right to an abortion, I thought getting an abortion was a pretty empowered choice for a woman to make, like, ‘You go, girl. Kill that baby.’ And I also used to think that, like, in the first trimester, the baby that you’re about to kill, it’s not really a baby yet because I’ve heard other people say that and it’s a pretty convenient thing to think. Here’s my most embarrassing blunder about my old thinking about abortion. No, I’m not proud of it, but it’s true, so I’m going to share it. Here it is. The thinking that was going through my mind about abortion, it wasn’t my thinking. The leftist propaganda about abortion got to me. I’ll admit it. I fell for it. It’s 100% my fault. It was nothing other than mental weakness and a lack of self-awareness on my part that allowed it, and the scariest thing about it was I didn’t know it was propaganda. I thought it was my own thinking.”

This is an incredibly important point being made by Sears.

Most Americans do not even realize the amount of propaganda in which they’re swimming constantly.

Academia, K-12 education, the so-called mainstream media, entertainment media, and other institutions are constantly pushing a pervasive left-wing narrative.

Now that Sears has freed himself from the pervasive leftist propaganda, he has the ability to think about issues like abortion clearly and evolve his position.

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