Congressman Jim Banks just picked up an important pro-life endorsement in the Indiana Senate race

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Candidates are already jockeying for position in the 2024 elections.

The GOP is hoping to take back the Senate, but will need to hold Indiana to do so.

And Congressman Jim Banks just picked up an important pro-life endorsement in that all-important Senate race.

The Washington Post calls them “one of the largest antiabortion organizations in the country.”

Fox News recognizes that the group “has already been pushing state legislatures.”

Students for Life Action has pursued an aggressive strategy of pushing new protections for the preborn

The group in question is Students for Life Action, a 501(c)(4) grassroots organization that mobilizes to defend the preborn at the state and federal level.

Students for Life Action is headed by Kristan Hawkins, one of the most effective pro-life leaders in the nation.

Under her leadership the organization has pursued an aggressive and no-compromise approach to the defense of the preborn.

This at a time when many Republicans want to compromise or sell out babies for their own personal gain.

We saw that recently from Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) who attempted to explain why she’s not really all that pro-life.

But Hawkins has no patience for politicians like Mace, especially when so many lives are at stake.

A rare politician who actually does what he says

Instead, Hawkins turns more towards politicians like Indiana Congressman Jim Banks, who has an A+ rating from the organization.

And it’s why Hawkins has endorsed him in the 2024 Indiana Senate race to replace retiring Senator Mike Braun.

Braun is stepping down to run for Governor of the Hoosier State.

In endorsing Banks, Hawkins said, “Congressman Jim Banks is the rare politician who actually does what he says. His track record on protecting the preborn goes back over 20 years to his student political activism at Indiana University. Banks continued to fight for LIFE in the U.S. House by sponsoring pro-life legislation that seeks to end abortion in our lifetime.”

Hawkins continued her personal endorsement of Banks by saying, “His efforts have earned an A+ on our [SFLAction] Pro-Life Generation Report Card. He has set an example for what we aspire for our student leaders to become, and I fully endorse his bid to be the next U.S. Senator from Indiana.”

A good report card

Earlier this year, Students for Life Action released its first Pro-Life Generation Report Card as a tool for voters.

While Students for Life Action itself does not endorse candidates, it does report to its members and supports where the candidates stand on life.

In its findings, 270 Democrats were graded too extreme to receive a passing grade, which merely indicates support for common-sense regulations that protect women and the preborn from the abortion industry.

They were joined by the likes of Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski who also scored F’s.

But Banks was one of 81 Members of Congress to receive an A+ rating from the group.

“This report card allows us to evaluate who will support policies that protect the preborn and women in a post-Roe America,” said Hawkins.

The personal endorsement should give Banks a huge boost in his efforts to hold the Indiana seat in 2024.

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