CVS gave a pregnant woman the wrong pill and the end result was deadly

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Americans trust their local pharmacy to prescribe the correct medication.

But when one woman went to take her prescription . . .

. . . she experienced a deadly nightmare.

CVS administered abortion drugs instead of progesterone

Timika Thomas and her husband desperately wanted to add another child to their family but they struggled to get pregnant.

When Tamika did become pregnant she was prescribed medication to help her during pregnancy – and took the medication as prescribed.

But then she discovered the unthinkable.

After taking the medication she experienced extreme cramping and pain – and she knew something was wrong.

To her horror, Thomas learned CVS gave her the wrong pill.

Instead of giving her progesterone, the pharmacy gave her the abortion drug misoprostol.

Pharmacy techs messed up – and now a baby is dead

8 News Now Investigators looked into the facts to see how Thomas could have been given the wrong drug.

And the results were shocking.

“Among the series of mistakes, those documents say one technician – incorrectly believing she knew the generic name for the brand prescribed by the doctor – entered the wrong name into the prescription,” 8 News Now Investigators reported.

“One pharmacist did not catch the error, and another pharmacist failed to counsel Thomas when she came to pick up her medication,” the report revealed.

This grave mistake had deadly consequences, as Thomas was left to pick up the pieces.

“They just killed my baby,” Thomas said.

A slap on the wrist

Thomas filed a complaint with the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy – who simply fined the pharmacists and suspended their licenses temporarily.

CVS faced a small fine of $10,000 . . .

. . . $10,000 for ending the life of a baby!

“We’ve apologized to our patient for the prescription incident,” CVS said in a statement.

Sadly, an apology cannot undo the trauma Thomas experienced.

Deadly abortion drugs

As if there was yet another reason why deadly abortion drugs should be banned – this story makes it even more clear.

These tiny pills are deadly – and they destroy lives.

A pharmacy like CVS shouldn’t be handing them out to anyone.

The consequences of this careless error cost her everything.

Let’s hope a day comes when misoprostol and every other abortion drug is forever banned and eliminated from every pharmacy shelf.

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