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Leftist Governor Gretchen Whitmer is proud of her state’s pro-abortion stance – and she wants to spread the word.

Instead of focusing on leading her own state – she did the unthinkable.

And once you hear the details behind her abortion tourism campaign in Pro-Life states you’re bound to be steaming mad.

Whitmer targets Pro-Life states with abortion ads

Even though Michigan is a pro-abortion state and pushes women to get abortions, Governor Whitmer still isn’t satisfied.

She wants to make sure women in other states can also kill their babies if they want – despite their own state’s Pro-Life laws.

So in a shocking and brazen move, Whitmer used the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to run a $300,000 pro-abortion campaign specifically targeting women who live in Pro-Life states.

One ad featured three college-age women walking on campus with the text “Enjoy your right to reproductive freedom”, reported Live Action.

The pro-abortion ads have been placed in Pro-Life states like Florida, Texas, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Michiganians are moving out of state 

Whitmer is so desperate to attract people to her state, she’s hoping her pro-abortion campaign will bring tourists – or even future residents.

But it’s clear under her leadership, Michiganians are not happy.

Moving company United Van Lines released a study of the top ten outbound states of 2022 and Michigan ranked number 4 for the most people moving out of state.

The way to keep residents is to have good economic policies that benefit residents . . .

. . . not preying on vulnerable college students in Pro-Life states.

Georgia fired back and called out Whitmer’s pathetic marketing campaign.

“If the State of Michigan believes wasting taxpayer dollars on bragging about their disregard for life is an effective tool to attract workers to their state, they’ll be in for quite the surprise,” said Garrison Douglas, press secretary for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. 

Douglas continued “Unlike Michigan, Georgia’s population continues to grow, and our low cost of living environment, exploding and diverse economy, and historic investments in healthcare, education, and public safety will continue to attract Americans from all over the country to help us fill the thousands of new jobs being created,” reported Live Action

Life is a winning message

As more Pro-Life leaders continue to help pass life-saving legislation, it’s clear the message of life is a winning one.

Governor DeSantis signed the Heartbeat Act into law in Florida, protecting a baby from abortion after a detectable heartbeat.

While leftist courts debate the Heartbeat Act and prevent it from going into effect, DeSantis is still widely popular with Florida residents for his Pro-Life policies. 

Governor Gretchen Whitmer may think her pro-abortion campaign will help make Michigan more popular, but it wreaks of desperation and a pathetic attempt to antagonize women in Pro-Life states.

If anything, she should be embarrassed she has resorted to promoting abortion to college kids to get people to visit Michigan. 

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