Democrats compete to lure Biden to their state to carry out their bone-chilling agenda

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Pro-abortion Democrats are desperate to re-elect President Biden and they’ll do whatever it takes.

Hoping to make abortion legal at every level, leftist politicians are begging Biden to do their bidding. 

And in a desperate attempt to gain power, Democrats are competing to lure Biden into their state to cement their bone-chilling agenda.

North Carolina wants Biden’s help to slaughter unborn babies 

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper used every shred of power he had to ensure more babies would die.

But he failed.

After North Carolina passed Pro-Life legislation banning abortion at 12-weeks – Cooper vetoed the bill.

Abortion activists thought they had won – and cheered at their “hero” vetoing this life-saving bill.

But Pro-Life Republicans held the line and overrode Cooper’s veto.

Knowing the Pro-Life movement is strong in North Carolina, Cooper attacked Republicans in his message and urged a counter assault. 

Cooper proclaimed “North Carolinians now understand that Republicans are unified in their assault on women’s reproductive freedom and we are energized to fight back on this and other critical issues facing our state.”

Begging Biden for help

Some think winning North Carolina is a must in Biden’s 2024 race. 

North Carolina Congressman Wiley Nickel begged Biden to come to North Carolina, insinuating Democrats can’t win without him. 

“If the campaign goes all in, we can win North Carolina, but we need that support and that investment,” Nickel told Biden.

Nickel continued “The votes are there; we’ve just got to get them out to vote.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s own campaign memo focuses on battleground states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but also lists red-friendly states Biden hopes he can win this round.

USA TODAY reported Biden’s campaign memo targets places like Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada . . . 

. . . and even stated Biden has plans to compete in Florida and North Carolina. 

Pro-Life states don’t want Biden’s leadership 

With both DeSantis and Trump running for President – Biden’s pretty gutsy to think he can capture Florida. 

DeSantis has crushed the liberal agenda in Florida and has long championed standing up for the unborn.

Vice President Kamala Harris and Biden may think their radical pro-abortion agenda will sell – but they’ve underestimated the American people.

Outside the bubble of Washington, D.C. and away from the coastal urban elites are freedom-loving and God-fearing conservatives who have held the line in preserving what’s left of our great country.

Unborn babies can’t yet fight for themselves, so Pro-Lifers must be their voice. 

Democrats can waste their time fighting over Biden and begging him to campaign in their state.

Meanwhile, Pro-Lifers will be the ones on the ground, mobilizing others in the Pro-Life movement to ensure the 2024 election will not result in another Biden victory. 

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