DeSantis doubles down his Pro-Life stance in response to Trump’s latest attack

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Donald Trump is known to throw out punches.

But DeSantis proved he can take the hit – and punch right back.

And in response to Trump’s latest criticism of his Pro-Life stance, DeSantis fired back with a few choice words of his own.

When DeSantis signed the Heartbeat Act into law banning abortions after a detectable heartbeat, Trump claimed many in the Pro-Life movement thought it was “too harsh.” 

Is it really “too harsh” to defend unborn babies?

Trump may think banning abortion at six weeks is “too harsh” . . .

. . . but for DeSantis – he believes every baby should be protected at the moment a heartbeat is detected.

“Protecting an unborn child when there’s a detectable heartbeat is something that almost 99% of pro-lifers support,” DeSantis said at a Florida news conference.

But DeSantis wasn’t done.

Defending the Heartbeat Act he signed into law, DeSantis redirected the reporter’s question and pointed out Trump has still yet to publicly say if he would have signed the same bill.

“I think that as a Florida resident, he didn’t give an answer about ‘would you have signed the heartbeat bill that Florida did,’” DeSantis continued.

“I signed the bill. I was happy to do it. He won’t answer whether he would sign it or not,” DeSantis concluded. 

Pro-Lifers are watching

As the 2024 election begins to heat up, Pro-Lifers will have a close eye on which candidates up and down the ballot will stand for life.

Those who are wishy-washy or refuse to take a strong stand for life won’t earn the vote from grassroots Pro-Lifers.

You better believe the abortion industry is coming hard into the 2024 election with guns blazing.

We can expect to see extreme pro-abortion legislation popping up all around the country and even appearing on the ballot.

In fact, radical pro-abortion activists in Florida are already scrambling to undo DeSantis’s latest Pro-Life victory.

The way to shut down the radical Left and stop their anti-life policies is to hold the line for life without surrender.  

Sellouts like RINO Nancy Mace may be willing to sacrifice unborn babies at the altar in the name of political pragmatism. 

But she’ll learn, like every moderate sellout eventually does – when the real fight comes, moderates won’t have her back.

Pro-Life politicians who take the tough votes and stand strong for life will earn the support of Pro-Lifers.

It’s time for Trump to go big for life

Trump’s done some great things for the Pro-Life movement like his Supreme Court picks, which helped finally overturn Roe v. Wade.

But to carry the Pro-Life vote this election cycle he’ll need to take a public and fierce stand for life and stop labeling critical Pro-Life victories as “too harsh.”

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