Desperate parents are in the fight of their lives to stop the government from killing their baby

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Dean Gregory and Claire Staniforth are in the fight of their lives – a fight they should never have to be in.

Their seven-month-old daughter Indi was born with special needs, and her care is critical.

But instead of doing whatever possible to save sweet Indi’s life – the government is trying to kill her.

Doctors want Indi off life support

Advanced medical technology gives doctors the capabilities to provide top-notch care to those who need critical support.

Indi, who is fighting mitochondrial disease, is one of those patients who need extra care.

But doctors at Nottingham University’s NHS Foundation Trust claim Indi should be taken off life support – despite her parent’s wishes.

During a court hearing, the doctor said “The terrible reality is that she is dying.”

The doctor went on to say keeping her on “further ventilation” would just “prolong matters,” reported Sky News.

Indi’s parents tell a different story

But Indi’s parents tell a different story, and claim Indi is fighting an infection . . .

. . . one she got at the hospital.

Dean Gregory is not giving up the battle, and is determined to fight for his precious daughter.

In a statement Gregory said “I and we as a family are prepared to do whatever it takes to fight for the life of our beautiful daughter, Indi.”

He continued “Indi has been in hospital all her young life, and she has had ups and downs, but during the good times she has been on a normal ward, able to breathe by herself and babble happily,” reported The Daily Mail.

“Our daughter responds to us, and on her good days she is babbling, making noises, moving all her limbs. She can definitely experience happiness. She cries like a normal baby,” Gregory said in a statement.

“We know she is disabled, but you don’t just let disabled people die. We just want to give her a chance,” Gregory said in a desperate plea.

The right to life

While it should seem a given that those with an intellectual or physical disability shouldn’t be sentenced to die – that’s exactly what’s happening- before and after a baby is born.

In the UK, parents continue to lose the battle in the fight for life – as callous doctors suddenly decide they don’t want to “waste” their resources fighting to protect the most vulnerable.

Time and time again, against the wishes of the parents, doctors and government officials make the decision to pull the plug – ending the life of a sick baby.

It’s unconscionable.

One can’t imagine how Indi’s parents feel – knowing they are trying to do everything they can to save the life of their precious baby girl . . .

. . . even though the doctors that are supposed to help them are fighting to end Indi’s life.

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