Despite attacks from Gavin Newsom and his radical pro-abortion pals, pro-life advocates refuse to stand down

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There is perhaps no state in which the sanctity of life is more threatened than it is in California. 

The abortion culture there is overwhelming, but still, pro-lifers stand strong. 

But despite attacks from Gavin Newsom and his radical pro-abortion pals, pro-life advocates refuse to stand down.

California, under the leadership of Governor Gavin Newsom, has transformed into an abortion tourism hub. 

Newsom’s billboards beckon women from afar with promises of financial assistance, travel coverage, and childcare support for abortions. 

Reasner reveals, “Newsom used Scripture on those billboards,” underlining the unsettling intersection of political agendas and religious messaging. 

The state’s pro-choice stance, exemplified by providing abortion up until birth, remains unwavering even after the Dobbs decision.

Dispelling misconceptions surrounding late-term abortions, Wendy emphasizes that these procedures often occur for reasons beyond the mother’s physical health. 

The definition of “health” has been broadened to include even the mental well-being of the mother, opening the door to abortions based on emotional distress. 

Equally shocking is the revelation that in certain states, including California, if a baby survives a late-term abortion, no lifesaving measures are taken.

Being pro-life in California is akin to swimming upstream, according to Reasner. 

While Northern California enjoys a conservative, pro-life environment, the broader legislative landscape remains predominantly pro-choice. 

Wendy points out the need to comply with state legislation, even in areas with a pro-life majority, highlighting the ongoing battle faced by pro-life advocates.

Wendy also notes the lack of understanding among local representatives regarding the true nature of pregnancy resource centers (PRCs). 

While Northern California boasts pro-life representatives, Wendy laments that these leaders often remain unaware of the invaluable services PRCs provide. 

The need for increased awareness and education among legislators becomes evident in the face of attacks on pregnancy centers nationwide.

In rural Northern California, NorthState Care Clinic stands as a beacon of hope, serving nearly 1,000 women annually. 

The clinic offers essential services, including pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, and a unique “earn while you learn” program. 

Wendy emphasizes the importance of providing emotional and spiritual support, offering classes on reproductive loss, and creating a safe space for women who have experienced miscarriages or abortions.

Wendy encourages pro-life individuals to actively engage in advocacy by joining state family councils or similar organizations. 

By staying informed about legislation affecting families, pro-life advocates can unite and form a formidable force against pro-choice agendas. 

Wendy envisions a united pro-life movement that transcends divisions, becoming an unstoppable force for the Kingdom of God.

Acknowledging the prevalence of abortion even among churchgoers, Wendy stresses the need for churches to confront the issue head-on. 

PRCs act as bridges between churches and women in need, offering tangible support and a lifeline for those grappling with difficult decisions. 

Organizations like Embrace Grace play a vital role in connecting PRCs with churches, fostering a culture of life that extends both physically and spiritually.

As pro-life warriors navigate the challenging terrain of California, Wendy Reasner’s experiences underscore the urgency of unity, understanding, and active engagement. 

The battle against abortion is not confined to legislative chambers but extends to the hearts and minds of individuals, churches, and communities determined to uphold the sanctity of life.

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