Devastating news out of Ohio spells major trouble for the Pro-Life movement

Becker1999 from Grove City, OH, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Special interest groups flooded Ohio with millions of dollars to help enshrine abortion into the constitution.

And it worked.

While there is still a sliver of hope for unborn babies – the devastating news out of Ohio spells major trouble for the Pro-Life movement. 

The battle for life in The Buckeye State

Ohioans are overwhelmingly Pro-Life.

But the unique mix of urban and rural towns highlights an opportunity for abortion activists to focus marketing efforts in large metropolitan areas . . .

. . . making Ohio the number one target of the abortion lobby. 

Ohio was one of the first states to ban abortion after a detectable heartbeat.

However, an injunction has stopped the law from going into effect as litigation continues, allowing abortion up to 22 weeks.

The abortion lobby zeroed in on Ohio, helping push money and volunteers to Ohio in order to get enough signatures to put abortion on the ballot in November.

While they succeeded in getting the abortion amendment this November – there was a chance to make it much more difficult for the amendment to pass.

A Special Election was held in August, which would determine whether the Ohio Constitution could be amended by a simple majority (as it currently reads) or upped to 60 percent.

Pro-Lifers were in favor of voting “yes” to raise the amendment threshold to 60 percent – to prevent special interest groups from hijacking Ohio’s constitution. 

The abortion lobby had a massive fundraising edge

While many Pro-Lifers in Ohio voted “yes,” – it wasn’t enough.

Pro-Lifers couldn’t withstand the influx of money from the abortion lobby into The Buckeye State.

In fact, LifeSite News reported that the abortion lobby had a three-to-one fundraising edge over those trying to protect life.

As a result – Issue 1 was voted down by 57 percent of Ohioans. 

Not surprisingly, the majority of no votes were from heavily urban areas.

Nancy Pelosi and other leftists weigh in

Make no mistake, the special election in Ohio was so much bigger than Ohio.

The abortion lobby realized that if they can flip a good ol’ fashioned Midwestern state like Ohio into a pro-abortion victory – they can do it anywhere.

And they knew the only way to do it was by defeating Issue 1 in Ohio.

Nancy Pelosi helped defeat Issue 1 by urging her leftist followers to make calls to Ohio.

Pelosi tweeted, “Extreme Republicans are trying to convince Ohioans to give away their own power at the polls – but you can help stop this! Call voters to Vote NO on Issue 1 to preserve the Majority Rule – One Person, One Vote.”

U.S. Senator J.D. Vance called her out and said, “We’re actually trying to make it harder for out-of-state special interests to rewrite the Ohio constitution. Vote yes on one today and tell Nancy Pelosi to mind her own business.” 

Anything can happen this November – but Pro-Lifers have an uphill battle ahead to defeat the radical abortion amendment that will change Ohio forever and provide a blueprint for the pro-abortion radicals to use in other states.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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