Disgraceful singer releases vulgar pro-abortion anthem to help fund abortions

Condé Nast (through Vogue Taiwan), CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Angry feminists are desperate to promote their pro-abortion agenda.

They are furious Pro-Lifers have slowed down their radical “abortion everywhere and anywhere” scheme – so they are grasping at straws to fight back.

And now a disgraceful singer released a vulgar pro-abortion anthem stating all profits would go to fund abortion. 

Paying for women’s abortions?

For the abortion industry, it’s simply not enough that some women choose to get abortions.

They want every woman to make that decision – and are eager to help fund her abortion if she can’t pay for it.

Jumping on the abortion-funding bandwagon is singer Demi Lovato who released a grotesque song comparing women to pigs – promising all profits from the song would go to the Reproductive Justice Fund at the Demi Lovato Foundation. . .

. . .  which then will give the funds to NARAL Pro-Choice America, Plan C, and The National Network of Abortion Funds, reported LifeSiteNews

The profanity-laced pro-abortion anthem is full of rage

Lovato’s disturbing song was written to rally up angry feminists to fight for abortion.

“God forbid, I wanna suck whatever the f*** I wanna/God forbid, I wanna f*** whoever the f*** I want” Lovato belts out standing in front of a group of old men.

“My life, my voice/My rights, my choice/It’s mine, or I’m just swine,” she continues her rant with the chorus.

She then goes on to compare stopping the killing of unborn babies to banning the Bible – and complaining about all the things that go into raising kids.

According to Lovato, if women decide they don’t want to raise children they are like a “witch to burn” at the “stake in Salem.”

“We gotta grow ’em, we gotta raise ’em, we gotta feed and bathe ’em . . . and if you won’t, they call you a witch to burn at the stake in Salem,” Lovato screams.

Her profanity-laced anthem is now being sung by teens and angry feminists in America who are furious Pro-Lifers have slowed down the wanton killing of unborn babies.

The heart of the abortion industry shows its true colors

For the longest time, abortion activists used to market abortion as a “hard choice” that some women have to make if their life is in danger or if they are in “extreme circumstances.”

But now, abortion is being promoted as a “right” for every woman – regardless of the reason why.

Make no mistake – the anti-life crowd will not stop until abortion is legal everywhere, and anywhere . . .

. . . and in the meantime they’ve demonstrated they’ll stoop to any level to help women kill their babies.

So-called “abortion vigilantes” are even willing to smuggle in unregulated abortion drugs from Mexico . . .

. . . knowing these drugs could be laced with fentanyl that could actually kill not only the unborn baby – but the woman taking it. 

Late-term abortion monsters callously boast about killing babies for any reason even if the baby was “born the wrong gender” than the parent wanted.

Lovato’s angry song hints to a deeper problem in the abortion industry – the blatant disregard for human life is dark – and evil to the core.

Pro-Lifers must continue to be the light and spread the message of life – the lives of unborn babies depend on it. 

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