Doctors pressured a young pregnant wife to have an abortion and the reason why will infuriate you

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

A young 20-year-old newlywed received shocking news – she had multiple sclerosis (MS) and the disease was progressing. 

Doctors also discovered she was pregnant – but then they told her the unthinkable.

Instead of brainstorming solutions for a healthy pregnancy, they verbally ganged up on her and proposed an unthinkable plan to harm her baby. 

Abort the baby

A guest post in Live Action News tells the story of a pregnant mom and everything she went through to fight for her baby.

Once doctors learned the woman was pregnant, they started off with their usual scare tactic campaign instructing the young pregnant mom to abort her baby “for her own good.”

They scared her with statistics saying the baby would die – and even threatened she could die during pregnancy. 

But this young mom was determined to have her baby, and refused to let doctors talk her in to ending the life growing in her womb.

Doctors perform more “tests”

Instead of respecting this woman’s desire to have her baby, doctors and specialists performed more tests and turned up the heat on their abortion crusade.

They told the young mom “You won’t be able to care for a disabled child when YOU will be disabled yourself.”

It’s unconscionable that doctors would put more stress and pressure on a young woman who already received a shocking MS diagnosis.

Another miracle story

The woman went on to give birth to a healthy baby girl . . . 

. . . and 32 years later the girl (now a grown adult) wrote the guest column article in Live Action News explaining all the trauma her mother went through just to bring her into this world.

“I am forever grateful to my own mother who chose life for me in her own frightening circumstances,” said Brytnee Acuña, author of the guest column. 

“My mother gave me life, and now I want to share my story to make it clear that I am and have always been a living being with personhood. My life, however, was once in someone else’s hands,” she continued. 

“As an unborn child, I had no voice and had no choices despite my own right to life. I am blessed to be here and to be alive,” Brytnee added.

And that is why Pro-Lifers fight so hard for unborn babies – because they do have rights – and they can’t yet fight for themselves.

Doctors terrified Brytnee’s mom with bogus scenarios claiming both her and the baby would die if she didn’t get an abortion.

But thankfully, Brytnee’s mom chose life – and now Brytnee can share her Pro-Life story with others so they’ll do the same. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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