Doctors pressured mom to abort her baby but she refused and now she has this to say

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Doctors are supposed to save lives – but some build their careers on ending them.

One pregnant mom found herself fighting for her daughter’s life against her own doctor.  

And when doctors pressured her to have an abortion, she refused and had this to say.

Doctors continue to terrorize pregnant women with scare tactics

Being pregnant is an incredible experience, but it can also be emotional for many women.

Not only is her body changing as she cares and nurtures the life inside of her, but there are all the worries and fears moms face.

The pressures of life, financial woes, all combined with hormonal physiological changes in the body can be a lot for women to handle.

Doctors are supposed to be calm and reassuring, encouraging women that “they’ve got this” and the baby will be just fine.

But some doctors use their position of power over a pregnant woman to encourage her to commit unthinkable acts.

“You’ll give birth to a dead child”

39-year-old Jodie recalls from the moment she started her prenatal visits doctors were dismissive and discouraging.

They started with scare tactics, telling Jodie because of her age she was at risk of delivering a baby with Down syndrome.

When she had an MRI at 30 weeks, they told her they “couldn’t see the baby.” 

And then they dropped a bombshell on her.

While she was 30-weeks pregnant, doctors told Jodie she needed to “terminate” her baby.

Jodie recalled the traumatic details and said “It was horrendous. I was spiraling. I lost it. I burst into tears. I couldn’t hear anything after that.”

“I looked up the reality of terminating a child at that gestation, and it destroyed me. I would be induced and give birth to a dead child. I just couldn’t do it.”

Jodie refused to be bullied

Even though doctors kept telling her to kill her baby and scared her into thinking her baby would be born dead, Jodie held strong and didn’t get the abortion.

“Everything in me said, ‘No, this doesn’t make sense’,” Jodie said.

She continued “What they were telling me didn’t feel right. I was adamant they were wrong. From that moment on, I stopped doing the ‘what ifs’ and just kept going.” 

So many women would have simply “listened to the doctor” – because that’s what women are trained to do.

Thankfully, Jodie listened to her own intuition instead, and not only didn’t get an abortion . . .

. . . but gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Jodie is thankful she withstood the pressure to get an abortion, and she is enjoying life with her precious baby.

“Before I became pregnant, I was seeing a suicide counsellor but now I can’t imagine not being here,” Jodie declared. 

She continued “I’m a million percent grateful that I didn’t listen to the doctors.”

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