Doctors terrified this pregnant mom with the biggest lie of all when she went into labor 

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There’s nothing more terrifying than a pregnant mom experiencing pregnancy complications . . . 

. . . except for her doctor insisting she should go ahead and just abort her precious baby.

And when one pregnant mom went into premature labor doctors terrified her with the biggest lie of all. 

Doctors said baby Maysa “wouldn’t make it”

When Kamilah Parvez went into early labor at just 22 weeks pregnant with her daughter Maysa, she was terrified.

She immediately drove to the hospital hoping for reassurance that everything would be okay – but instead she received just the opposite.

Doctors told her the baby only had a 7 percent survival rate, and kept asking her if she wanted to keep the baby, Kamilah told the Birmingham World.

But Kamilah was determined to fight for her baby and give her every possible chance at life – so she refused the abortion.

And then doctors delivered more bad news.

“We won’t resuscitate her”

Cold-hearted doctors continued to terrorize Kamilah telling her if the baby was born and not breathing, they wouldn’t resuscitate her.

“I remember when they told me the survival rate and I just thought how I can’t lose her. We really tried with this pregnancy, in my head I was so upset and I just couldn’t lose her,” Kamilah told Birmingham World.  

She continued “I was in the labour ward for a day and the same night my waters broke and I was rushed down. We both got very poorly and doctors told me if she wasn’t breathing when she was born they wouldn’t resuscitate her.”

It’s unconscionable for a doctor to pressure a scared pregnant mom to get an abortion – telling her bogus statistics that her baby would die . . .

. . . and that if the baby was born and not breathing – they wouldn’t bother to save the baby’s life.

Maysa made it out alive

By God’s grace, Maysa was born alive – and while she had a host of medical complications and spent 15 months in the hospital – she is now home and thriving!

The baby doctors claimed would die is now home in the loving arms of her parents living her life.

Kamilah couldn’t be more proud and thankful of her miracle baby.

“At one point I didn’t think I would ever be able to take her home. Since she has been home she has been thriving,” Kamilah said.

“She is a little diva, honestly, everyone loves her she makes people smile. We are still behind on development as she was premature, she isn’t able to talk and is none verbal but she has the biggest personality – we are so proud.”

Doctors are known to get it wrong more often than not – and Maysa’s story and journey into this world proves yet again that every baby is worthy of life and deserves the chance to be born. 

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