Donald Trump sold out Pro-Lifers yet again with his latest move

Abortion is on the ballot this fall, and Donald Trump has something to say.

Trump had the chance to back up Pro-Lifers – but he went a different route. 

And now Donald Trump sold out Pro-Lifers yet again with his latest move. 

Playing both sides

As President, Donald Trump did a lot for the Pro-Life movement.

He appointed Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices which helped to overturn Roe v. Wade.  

But while Trump’s past Pro-Life credentials have helped move the ball forward for life – he’s also done a disservice to the Pro-Life movement this election season.

When Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law banning abortion after a detectable heartbeat, Trump claimed DeSantis’ bill was “too extreme.”

And now yet again, as Trump works to secure votes, he thinks placating to moderate Americans who support abortion is the way to go.

Trump was asked point blank about his position on abortion and exceptions – and he gave rehearsed answers laced with moderate talking points about making “both sides happy.” 

Abortion bans with exceptions

On Fox News Channel’s MediaBuzz, Trump spoke with host Howard Kurtz candidly about his position on life. 

While Trump blasted Democrats for their extreme pro-abortion positions, he refused yet again to take a strong stance for life.

When Kurtz asked Trump about his 16-week abortion ban that had exceptions for things like rape and incest, Trump replied “I would like to see if we could make both sides happy.”

But the problem with Trump’s position on life is both sides will never be “happy.”

The abortion lobby wants abortion at any time, for any reason, during all stages of a woman’s pregnancy.

And solid Pro-Lifers refuse to apply a number to when a life is valuable – meaning a baby at 12 weeks is just as valuable as a baby at 16 weeks.

Not to mention – while weak-kneed “Pro-Life” groups are happy to have exceptions in Pro-Life legislation – solid Pro-Lifers who are committed to the cause of defending life believe every baby has the right to be born, regardless of how they were conceived.

Trump has a chance to shine

Biden’s rabid pro-abortion policies are shocking – and if he remains President of the United States – unborn babies will continue to die.

Donald Trump has an incredible opportunity to not only run as a Pro-Life conservative . . . 

. . . but actually lead that way once elected.

The contrast between Trump and Biden is clear – and Trump could use his next term as President to undo the damage of the Biden administration’s anti-life policies.

But for Trump to be effective – he needs to stand strong for life and not sell out the base who will help put him back in office. 

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