Donald Trump turned white as a ghost when Iowa just delivered a massive Pro-Life victory 

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Iowa just passed a massive Pro-Life heartbeat bill guaranteed to save lives.

While Pro-Lifers rejoiced at the life-saving bill – Donald Trump and other RINOS were devastated.

And after Donald Trump received the news of the latest Pro-Life victory, he turned white as a ghost. 

Iowa banned abortion after a detectable fetal heartbeat

Just like in Florida, the Iowa Legislature passed a bill banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

The one-day special session to pass the sweeping Pro-Life legislation was met with protestors holding signs that read “no forced birth” as well as supporters like prayerful Pro-Lifers who waited a lifetime for a heartbeat bill like this to pass.

Iowa’s current law allows abortion up to 20 weeks – so banning abortion after a detectable fetal heartbeat is a massive Pro-Life victory and win for unborn babies.

Anti-life politicians use scare tactics 

Of course, left-wing politicians are furious that women won’t be allowed to legally kill their babies after a detectable heartbeat.

So in typical leftist fashion, they resorted to scare tactics and false doomsday scenarios on what will happen now that abortion is restricted.

KCCI reported House Minority Leader Jennifer Konfrst said “There are women who will have husbands who will kill them if they carry a pregnancy to term. There are women who will have parents who will kick them out on the street if they carry a pregnancy to term.” 

Planned Parenthood has already pledged to challenge the new abortion ban.

Donald Trump is forced to eat his words

The latest Iowa Pro-Life victory further complicates things for Donald Trump.

After Florida passed their own heartbeat bill – Trump claimed restricting abortion after 6 weeks was “too harsh.”

“If you look at what DeSantis did, a lot of people don’t even know if he knew what he was doing. But he signed six weeks, and many people within the pro-life movement feel that that was too harsh,” Trump told The Messenger.

But now that Iowa passed the same thing – Trump is downright terrified as he is desperate to win the Evangelical vote of Pro-Lifers in Iowa. 

While Iowa is an important state for Trump – he is certainly alienating his conservative base.

Trump’s bruised ego on Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds decision to remain neutral in his race caused him to rant online.

“I opened up the Governor position for Kim Reynolds, & when she fell behind, I ENDORSED her, did big Rallies, & she won,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. 

“Now, she wants to remain ‘NEUTRAL.’ I don’t invite her to events!” Trump ranted.

Trump’s temper tantrums and snub to Pro-Lifers is harming him more than he might realize.

The New York Times reported influential Iowa Evangelical Christian leader Bob Vander Plaats who is staunchly Pro-Life said “I think there’s no doubt, most likely, I will not endorse him.”

Florida and Iowa have paved the way for the Pro-Life movement – and more Pro-Life states have already vowed to follow their lead. 

Trump needs to understand unless he takes a strong stand for life, he’s going to alienate his own base and send them elsewhere.

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