Donald Trump’s latest anti-life comments have caused panic in the conservative movement

Donald Trump walked back his “Pro-Life” position – again.

And many conservatives are done giving him cover. 

But some so-called conservatives are defending Donald Trump’s latest anti-life comments causing division and chaos in the conservative movement. 

True Pro-Lifers hold the fort down

Donald Trump might think protecting the lives of unborn babies is negotiable – but solid conservatives disagree.

Conservative Matt Walsh wrote on X, formally Twitter – “There is no such thing as “abortion rights.” Rights are God given and God does not give anyone the right, under any circumstance, to kill children.”

Pro-Lifer Lila Rose agreed and posted on her Facebook page, “It was never about ‘state’s rights’ if you are saying the state went too far.  More pro-abortion talking points today from Trump. Deeply disappointing.”

And while Walsh and Rose remained consistent in their unwavering commitment to defend unborn babies – other so-called conservatives took a different approach.

Using “Pro-Life” credentials to promote abortion

While solid conservative Pro-Lifers continued to hammer Trump – other “Pro-Lifers” agreed with Trump’s comments.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk thinks Trump’s latest comments will lead to a conservative victory on Election Day.

On X, Kirk wrote, “I am 100% pro-life. I have spent countless hours defending the pro-life position on campus and in the media.”

He continued, “To all my fellow pro-lifers, we must be passionate as well as strategic, and the choice is simple: If you allow November to become a referendum on abortion, evidence suggests our side will lose and more babies will die. If we win in November, we will be positioned to claw back radical pro-abortion policies while we continue to persuade more voters of the horrors of killing babies.”

After essentially telling Pro-Lifers to sell out their values and beliefs, Kirk ends his post scolding Pro-Lifers that not backing Trump means babies will die.

“Win and we can save lives.  Lose and even more will die,” Kirk concluded.

But what Kirk fails to understand is “winning” doesn’t mean electing a politician who will sell out his base just to get elected.

Conservatives continue to attack each other

While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are working to unify their base against the “extreme” Pro-Life views of conservatives . . . 

. . . Republicans are more divided than ever.

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin also publicly backed Trump’s statement, claiming that reversing Roe V. Wade is what conservatives “have been demanding for half a century.” 

But conservatives can still celebrate the reversal of Roe v. Wade and support laws to protect the slaughter of unborn babies.

The two are not mutually exclusive.

Trump’s latest comments have caused division yet again – at a time when a unified front is needed to defeat Joe Biden.

Compromising on life is not a winning strategy – and it never has been.

Moderate Republicans have lost their influence in DC circles – and Trump is about to learn that lesson the hard way unless he walks back his anti-life statements. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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