Donald Trump’s rumored Vice President pick would destroy the Pro-Life movement for good

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Political experts are speculating who Donald Trump will pick as his running mate.

While many names have been tossed around as a possibility – one name keeps coming up to the surface. 

And if the rumors are true – Trump’s potential choice would destroy the Pro-Life movement for good.

A “grandstanding loser RINO”

It’s no secret Nancy Mace and Donald Trump despise one another.

At least they did.

In the past, after Mace criticized Trump, he referred to her as a “grandstanding loser” and a “RINO.”

During Mace’s 2022 campaign, she traveled to New York to film a clip of herself standing outside of Trump Tower hoping to persuade South Carolina voters she was an early supporter of Trump despite her recent criticism of him.

But Trump wasn’t having it.

Not only did he endorse her opponent – but he had a few choice words for voters.

Speaking of Mace and another RINO candidate, Trump said “Unfortunately for the patriots of South Carolina, you currently have two atrocious RINOs — they’re bad people in the House, who went to Washington, sold you out and partnered with the Democrats to stab the Republican Party and frankly, to stab our country in the back.”

Mace admits Trump hated her

But now Nancy Mace is playing nice, hoping to get Trump’s attention. 

Mace rattled on to Fox News’ Harris Faulkner how corrupt Biden was and claimed how the indictment of Trump just secured his nomination. 

“Donald Trump’s no fan of mine, he primaried me last year,” Mace told Faulkner.

“So, I’m not a shill, but I see this, and I see how unfair it’s been,” Mace continued, referring to Trump’s indictment. 

But she didn’t stop there.

Mace continued speaking to various media outlets defending Trump desperate for his attention.

“We can’t afford four more years of Joe Biden,” Mace told Politico.

 “I’m willing to bury the hatchet to save the country, and I know President Trump is too,” Mace continued. 

An unholy alliance 

Pro-Lifers have repeatedly expressed their disappointment and anger at Trump for knocking Ron DeSantis’ Heartbeat Act.

Trump insisted banning abortion at the sign of a detectable heartbeat was “too harsh” – and refused to clarify his once public “Pro-Life” position.

But RINO Nancy Mace applauds Trump’s moderate “Pro-Life” stance. 

“The only candidate that I’ve seen articulate a message in that regard, that I think is more reasonable, is Donald Trump,” Mace said. 

Mace continued “So imagine my surprise, you know, seeing that I agree more with him than many of the other candidates because some of the candidates haven’t articulated their position, or they’re vague or they don’t want to answer the question. 

But of course – she’s dead wrong.

Ron DeSantis has been 100 percent clear he is Pro-Life – and he’s taken action in Florida signing the Heartbeat Act into law to show his words ring true.

A Donald Trump/Nancy Mace ticket would be the final nail in the coffin for the Pro-Life movement.

Voters would feel compelled to vote for the ticket because at least it is “better than Biden” they would say . . .

. . . except is it really?

Allowing the Republican Party to champion a pro-abortion platform will erase the decades of hard work Pro-Lifers have put into forcing the Republican Party to take the issue of life seriously. 

Mace is politically ambitious – and while she can “hope” Trump will pick her . . .

. . . with DeSantis continuing to gain steam in the polls there is no guarantee Trump will even be the nominee. 

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