Donald Trump’s team is considering one change to the Republican Party Platform that will have you seeing red

The Republican National Convention takes place on July 15.

But Trump’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 11.

And Donald Trump’s team is considering one change to the Republican Party Platform that will have you seeing red.

Donald Trump will officially become the GOP nominee at the Republican National Convention in July.

Trump is also expected to announce his Vice Presidential selection at the Convention.

But nominating Donald Trump is not the only important function of the Republican National Convention.

Republican National Committee members will also make important decisions about the Party’s rules and its platform.

And Trump is already under pressure to use his influence to remove the Pro-Life language from the Republican Party’s official platform.

The platform currently includes an entire section on the importance of “protecting human life.”

“We assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed,” the platform reads.

It goes on to declare support for a “human life amendment to the Constitution” and urges Congress to pass a national abortion ban.

“We are proud to be the Party that protects human life and offers real solutions for women,” the Pro-Life section concludes.

But GOP elites are pressuring Donald Trump’s campaign to throw the Pro-Life movement under the bus and remove the anti-abortion section from the platform.

And Trump has enough influence to get whatever he wants added or deleted from the platform.

“Though Trump has not yet made clear where he stands on the platform, his campaign enters the convention having asserted control of the GOP at nearly every level,” CNN reported. “The party is led by Trump’s handpicked co-chair: his daughter-in-law Lara Trump and former North Carolina Republican Party leader Michael Whatley, and the platform committee will be led by three close allies: Randy Evans, his former ambassador to Luxembourg; Russell Vought, a top official in the Trump administration; and Ed Martin, president of the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles.”

But according to a senior adviser for Trump, they will push for a platform “that reflects the policy and vision and agenda of President Trump.”

“The platform is something that always gets renewed, revived, sort of amended. The whole process occurs in the executive sessions that lead up to the actual convention,” a senior Trump adviser told CNN. “We will work with the delegations and the representatives on each committee that has work to do to make sure that we have a great convention, and we have a representation of the President’s leadership of the party as the nominee.”

Unfortunately, Trump’s “policy and vision and agenda” does not include an abortion ban.

Right now, it’s not clear whether or not Trump supports removing the Pro-Life section or not.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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