Don’t mess with Texas: Texas files a lawsuit against Yelp and just wait until you hear the details

Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco, CA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yelp thought they could get away with spreading misinformation and lies.

But they were wrong.

And now the state of Texas has filed a lawsuit against Yelp for their unfair business practices and just wait until you hear the details.

Yelp wants women to kill their babies

Yelp is more than happy to connect women with abortion centers to kill their babies.

But if a woman wants to choose life – Yelp suddenly has a problem.

They started writing shady “disclaimers” next to crisis pregnancy centers saying things like “This is a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Crisis Pregnancy Centers typically provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals onsite.”

Of course, Yelp hopes by sneaking in this disclaimer, pregnant women won’t even visit crisis pregnancy centers . . .

. . . and will simply go to an abortion center instead.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton fights back

Paxton pointed out that Yelp posted this on all crisis pregnancy centers – even those that did actually have licensed medical professionals onsite.

In his lawsuit, Paxton wrote “Defendant’s misrepresentations and failure to disclose the presence of licensed medical professionals at pregnancy resource centers dissuaded consumers from visiting these clinics in favor of clinics that perform abortion services,” Live Action News reported.

Thank goodness Texas is putting an end to Yelp’s shady practices, before more women are hurt.

Crisis pregnancy centers continue to be demonized

Crisis pregnancy centers provide help for women who need it most.

From providing free ultrasounds, STD testing, post abortion support, and even the abortion pill reversal – they are truly saving lives.

And while it’s not publicized as much – they also help women after their pregnancy and provide tangible support like car seats, diapers, strollers, and some even help with housing.

Those working in a crisis pregnancy center truly care about the life of both a mother and her baby.

Instead of treating each woman who enters their doors as a number – they treat them like a human being – with a soul and a real story.

Abortion centers on the other hand only have one objective – kill as many babies as possible.

They don’t care if a woman experiences trauma after an abortion . . .

. . . or if she is rushed to the hospital after a botched abortion.

All they care about is ensuring her baby is dead.

Women deserve to know the truth behind the abortion lobby.

Yelp can try to “hide the good guys” like life-saving crisis pregnancy centers, hoping women won’t know they exist – or at least plant a seed of doubt that they are helpful.

But as Texas and other states fight back against dishonest business practices from companies like Yelp, one can only hope they’ll receive a steep enough penalty to stop their misinformation campaign.

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