Dr. Phil is the most recent Hollywood celebrity to contradict himself on abortion

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The arguments of the pro-choice camp often contradict themselves.

Most of the time their arguments are based on “feelings,” instead of facts and science.

And well-known television host Dr. Phil McGraw is the most recent celebrity to make a statement about abortion that flies in the face of his previous comments.

So, is it a baby or not, Dr. Phil?

Renowned TV host Dr. Phil recently confronted a pregnant 18-year-old mother, Sara, for her drug use during pregnancy.

While this confrontation seemed to portray Dr. Phil as a champion for the unborn, his history raises questions about his true stance on the sanctity of life.

In a recent episode, Dr. Phil criticized Sara for her drug use, emphasizing the risks it posed to the developing fetus.

However, this compassionate approach contrasts sharply with his past behavior.

Last year, Dr. Phil faced severe criticism for dismissing the pro-life message and denying the science of life in the womb.

In an episode discussing abortion, he disregarded the consensus on when human life begins, showing a stark contrast to his recent detailed discussion about first-trimester fetal development.

One cannot ignore the irony of Dr. Phil’s newfound concern for unborn children, especially considering his staunch defense of abortion rights in the past.

When Live Action founder Lila Rose appeared on his show to discuss abortion after the fall of Roe v. Wade, Dr. Phil and his allies aggressively attacked her viewpoint.

The backlash was so intense that the episode was unlisted from YouTube, effectively suppressing the pro-life perspective.

Dr. Phil’s treatment of Sara raises another troubling issue: his coercive rhetoric potentially steering pregnant women towards considering abortion.

By repeatedly labeling Sara as a child abuser and emphasizing her perceived inadequacy in quitting drugs, he could inadvertently push vulnerable women towards the tragic decision to terminate their pregnancies.

Furthermore, Dr. Phil’s failure to offer practical solutions is deeply concerning.

Pregnant women battling drug addiction can benefit from medical interventions like methadone and buprenorphine.

These treatments, established since the 1970s, stabilize fetal opioid levels, improve outcomes for both mother and baby, and reduce the risk of neonatal abstinence syndrome.

While Dr. Phil’s recent confrontation highlights the urgency of addressing drug use during pregnancy, his inconsistent stance on the sanctity of life raises doubts about his sincerity and pokes holes in many of the arguments that pro-choicers frequently use.

The glaring disparity between his public persona and his actions underscores the need for a genuine commitment to protecting the lives of the unborn.

Pro-life Americans remain vigilant, seeking authentic advocates for the sanctity of every life, born and unborn.

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