Election shocker: New report shows green energy groups paid millions of dollars to run these pro-abortion ads

Photo by Kayla Linero from Pexels

There is no doubt the radical Left knows how to work together.

But no one imagined just how far they would go.

But this election shocker shows green energy groups paid tens of millions of dollars to run these pro-abortion ads.

Most Americans are hearing the same old Democrat and RINO talking points that the recent Virginia election was about abortion.

Follow the money

They claim it was the pro-life agenda that caused the Democrat victories.

They ignore the fact that Glenn Youngkin’s so-called “compromise” of a 15-week ban, which would only stop 6% of all abortions, took away the energy and support of pro-life activists while energizing the radical pro-abortion Left. 

These left-wing pundits are also ignoring the money. 

It turns out the flood of pro-abortion TV ads were largely bankrolled by the renewable energy industry. 

That’s right, so-called “green” energy groups funded the pro-abortion hit pieces.

It turns out the 2023 Virginia election was about energy, specifically the energy needed by those special interest groups to make sure they stayed in control of the legislature.

And they were willing to do so on the bodies of dead babies.

It turns out Dominion Energy Virginia increased its donations to Virginia politicians six-fold in just the last four years. 

And Clean Virginia Fund, and its radical leftist founder, donated five times more in the 2023 election cycle than they did in 2019.

The two political energy giants combined to donate roughly $23 million between them in the 2023 elections.

This compares to just $4 million in campaign spending just four years ago. 

But that’s not all.

The League of Conservation Voters gave $2 million during the campaign cycle and the spouse of the Clean Virginia founder directly donated another $4.5 million in her name.

That’s almost $30 million in spending by the “green” energy groups in one of the state’s most hotly contested election cycles.

Two sides of the same coin

While Dominion Energy and Clean Virginia sometimes disagree over regulatory issues, they are actually very closely aligned. 

If there is any serious attempt to repeal or amend the Virginia Clean Economy Act, both will lobby against the effort.

And both are pushing electric vehicles and will work to protect the mandates for them. 

Both groups also strongly support Dominion’s offshore wind development and rapidly growing acres of solar farms.

Clean Virginia was founded with the express mission of trying to wean Virginia politicians off of Dominion money. 

While its main issue has supposedly been campaign finance reform, it is also a lobbying group pushing wind, solar, and battery electricity generation and fighting to end fossil fuels. 

In this year’s election cycle, its total donations are up to $10 million while just four years ago, it donated less than $400,000. 

But the group’s main donor and leader is uber-wealthy Charlottesville hedge fund founder Michael Bills, and in 2019 he mainly gave his money directly to candidates. 

In fact, between Clean Virginia, Michael Bills, and his wife the sum was a whopping $14 million.

Equally astonishing is four years ago the largest donation Dominion gave to any individual candidate was $82,500, but this time, 15 candidates received more than $250,000 each.

The highest amount donated by Dominion was almost $700,000. That went to an unopposed Democrat who may now end up the Speaker of the House. 

Clean Virginia’s largest donations each exceed $600,000, including to two Democrats who won two of the most watched Senate seats.

According to Stephen Haner, a Senior Fellow at the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, “A $23 million investment in keeping the legislature compliant and obedient makes perfect sense once you realize the billions and billions of dollars the transition to wind, solar, and battery will extract from Virginia’s residential and business ratepayers over the next decade. Dominion and Clean Virginia both understand return on investment.”

And that’s why clean energy groups decided to fund pro-abortion ads in their crusade to control Virginia’s legislature.

After all to groups like Dominion Energy and Clean Virginia, what’s a few hundred thousand more dead babies, they’ve got windmills to build.

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