Even liberal media pundits are too embarrassed to air this Gavin Newsom interview

It’s no secret California Governor Gavin Newsom has radical views.

But his stance on one topic is so extreme – even liberals don’t know how to respond.

And now liberal media pundits are too embarrassed to air his latest interview.

Newsom’s ruthless anti-life position

Gavin Newsom loves abortion.

Not only does he want women in his own state to kill their babies . . . 

. . . but he even funds billboard ads in other states luring women to come to California to get a “safe” abortion.

As if there is such a thing.

Newsom loves calling his state an abortion “safe haven” – as if being known for killing babies is something honorable. 

It’s abhorrent. 

But not only does Newsom spend his time pushing and praising abortion – he’s made it clear he supports abortion at any level in a women’s pregnancy – including right up until a baby is born.

Meet the real Newsom

During a Meet the Press interview, Newsom was asked point blank if there was a week during a woman’s pregnancy where access to abortion should be banned.

Like a typical politician, Newsom dodged the question directly by refusing to give a specific number.

Instead, he replied “I think we’ve established that firmly in the context of what states are doing like California where we established a constitutional right to access abortion,” he replied. “At the end of the day, I think that’s a determination for women and their doctors.”

But before he could finish, moderator Kristen Welker was still pressing for an answer, and asked again “At any week?”

Newsom continued on his rant and added “As it relates to the issue in California, we’ve established that firmly in the state constitution. As it relates to getting into the debate around late-term abortion, that’s a complete canard.”

Liar Liar pants on fire

To claim women aren’t getting late-term abortions is completely false.

As Live Action News reported, it’s estimated up to 75,000 babies lose their lives in both second and third trimester abortions.

Newsom and Biden know their extreme positions on abortion aren’t popular with the majority of the American people – so each time the late-term abortion question comes up they dodge it and insist conservatives are making up a conspiracy.

Refusing to air the truth

It’s clear NBC was also too afraid to air the Newsom interview.

While the full interview was on YouTube – it was left out on the Sunday show – where the majority of viewers would see it, Newsbusters reported. 

Most people aren’t going to search on YouTube for the full interview – and NBC knew it.

The fact that even leftist outlets are too afraid to air Newsom’s own words says it all.

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