Even RINO Senator Marco Rubio understands the importance of the GOP standing strong on this vital issue

Democrats are goose stepping their way to the November elections.

Meanwhile Republicans are scattered, confused, and uncertain of just which way to go.

But even RINO Senator Marco Rubio understands the importance of the GOP standing strong on this vital issue.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has proven time and time again that he is no principled conservative.

Here’s how you defend life

But recently, Rubio gave a strong and principled explanation of why the GOP had better get its act together on the important issue of life.

As reported by Students for Life Action, “It is extremely rare these days to find any law maker able to take on media misinformation about abortion on national news shows. Sometimes the odds are three and four to one, with little available airtime … or pro-life voices are completely MIA by design. However, recently, pro-life champion Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) taught a master class in media engagement on NBC’s Meet the Press.”

While pro-life activists can agree to disagree about whether Rubio is a “pro-life champion,” there is no question on this occasion he rose to the challenge.

And at the same time gave the GOP a road map for successfully defending life.

On May 19th, Rubio was one on one with Meet the Press’s Kristen Welker discussing what she called a “national abortion ban.” 

Specifically, she wanted to know whether Rubio disagreed with President Trump’s statements about Florida’s Heartbeat Law.

The Heartbeat law, also known as a 6-week abortion ban, protects all preborn life with the universal sign of life – a heartbeat.  

To many pro-life activists’ surprise, Rubio handled the question amazingly well.

He not only fielded her biased questions on the issue, he also, according to SFLA, “masterfully explained the current debate, while pointing out the misinformation spewed by Welker.”

Here’s how you do it

Unfortunately, many Republican members of Congress and GOP leaders around the country have tried to avoid saying whether they will support abortion limits.

And far too many in the GOP seem ready to sell out on the issue completely.

But Rubio unapologetically said, “I support any laws that protect unborn human life. I believe that human life is worthy of dignity and protection. And I support laws that protect our unborn human life. I always have.” 

Then Rubio turned the issue on the Democrats.

The Florida Senator correctly pointed out that it is the Democrats who are extreme on the issue.

Specifically, he called out the Democrats for their support of late-term abortions, taxpayer-funded abortions, and their refusal to accept any limitations at all on abortion.

The Republican Party would do well to follow Rubio’s lead on the issue of life and take a strong, bold, and clear stand for life.

To try and help the GOP do the right thing on life, SFLAction recently launched GOP FOR LIFE.

This is a national initiative that calls the Republican Party leadership, leading up to GOP platform committee debates that begin in early July, to demand unapologetic defense of preborn life.

If even Marco Rubio gets it, there is hope.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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