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He’s known for creating a drug for the sole purpose of killing millions of people.

In fact, he considers it his life’s work.

So it’s no surprise the father of the chemical abortion pill has attacked Students for Life Action’s Wyoming law.

Compliments from friends are nice, but one from an enemy is usually more sincere. 

A badge of honor

And that’s what Students for Life Action just received.

An attack by the father of the Chemical Abortion Pill himself, which SFLA considers as a golden badge of honor.

This attack from the creator of the abortion pill, Etienne-Emile Baulieu was directed squarely at a new Students for Life Action legislative victory in Wyoming.

The abortionist’s attack proved SFLAction is making progress and doing all the right things in the fight to save babies.

Here’s why the inventor of the life-ending drug is so furious at Students for Life.

After working for two years in Wyoming to pass legislation to protect preborn children and women, SFLAction finally saw their Chemical Abortion Pill legislation — called “Prohibiting Chemical Abortions” — passed and signed into law. 

The landmark legislation makes it illegal for physicians to prescribe the deadly Chemical Abortion Pills, with violators facing heavy $9,000 fines or even up to six months in jail.

A hard-fought victory 

According to SFLAction, “The victory was hard won with SFLAction engaging in far more than 1,400 points of voter outreach and working directly with pro-life Wyoming legislators every step of the way.” 

And in noting their efforts, SFLAction and Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins said, “We could not be happier to see our legislation become the law in Wyoming and set an example for the rest of the nation . . . We’re grateful for the efforts of our pro-life champions in Wyoming and look to pass similar bills in more states.” 

This is clearly a strong piece of pro-life legislation, but if there were any doubts, Baulieu put them to rest.

Baulieu, the creator of the very drugs, which were banned under the new law, said the SFLAction law is “scandalous.”   

According to an interview he gave to the French publication AFP, Baulieu “did not mince his words,” firmly opposing the new law. 

He called it a “set back . . . a step in the opposite direction.” 

But it’s certainly not a setback for Wyoming preborn children and women. 

In fact, it’s a strong step up in humanizing our children in the womb while also protecting women. 

SFLAction said, “Chemical Abortion Pills kill our most vulnerable and voiceless while also presenting women with dangers that include injury, infertility, coercion, domestic abuse, and maternal death.” 

A powerful, positive good

“Expelling the life-ending pills from the state is a powerful, positive good.”

It makes sense however that Baulieu and his wife aren’t the new law’s biggest fans.

His wife said “fanaticism and ignorance” is behind this new law. 

Chemical Abortion Pills have been his life’s work and he claims that women were one of the causes “that have dominated his life.” 

But SFLA reported earlier, “In classical misogynistic fashion, Baulieu claims, ‘I like women,’ but ignores the physical and emotional pain of the women he inflicts his solution on.”  

State by state, SFLAction is effectively bringing the truth to light and restricting Baulieu’s life-ending abortion pills with laws like Wyoming’s (which is also one of the first pro-life laws in 2023). 

SFLAction said of Baulieu, “His lethal legacy has begun and will continue to crumble in the United States, and we won’t be finished until it’s entirely rooted out of our country.”  

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.