FDA green lights Planned Parenthood’s latest deadly scheme, putting the lives of thousands of women and babies at risk

It’s no secret Planned Parenthood has the Biden administration in their back pocket.

President Biden knows that to keep Planned Parenthood happy, he has to keep the blood money flowing.

And now the FDA has signed off on Planned Parenthood’s latest deadly scheme, which will put the lives of thousands of women and babies at risk.

In a shocking development, Planned Parenthood has decided that it will begin offering high-risk abortion drugs to women in Illinois through an app — without any in-person consultation. 

This new policy reveals just how little the FDA cares about women’s health. . . 

This app requires users only to confirm they are in Illinois and answer a few health questions before providing payment information. 

This means that women can access these potent drugs without any direct medical supervision, a move that puts their health and safety at significant risk.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict warnings about these abortion drugs. 

Their label indicates that approximately one in 25 women who take these drugs end up in the emergency room. 

The drugs come with a black-box warning highlighting the risk of serious complications, including fatal infections and severe bleeding. 

This is why the FDA initially mandated that abortion drugs be prescribed only when emergency care is available.

Historically, the FDA required doctors to provide ongoing care to women who took these drugs. 

This included in-person visits to check for ectopic pregnancies, which can be life-threatening, and to monitor for severe bleeding and infections. 

However, the FDA has since removed these critical safeguards, allowing providers to prescribe these dangerous drugs without ever meeting the patient.

The implications of this are dire. 

The FDA’s current policy permits the mail-order distribution of abortion drugs, meaning women are left to navigate these serious medical procedures alone, without the essential medical examinations that can detect life-threatening conditions. 

Planned Parenthood’s new app takes this a step further, facilitating abortion without any in-person interaction.

One of the most critical aspects of safe abortion care is the exclusion of an ectopic pregnancy, which the FDA’s label expressly requires before prescribing abortion drugs. 

This cannot be determined without an ultrasound or in-person examination. 

Even the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which supports abortion rights, agrees that an ultrasound is necessary to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood itself acknowledges on its website that an ectopic pregnancy, occurring in 1-2% of pregnancies, can be fatal if not treated properly. 

They also admit that taking abortion drugs without confirming gestational age can result in “very heavy bleeding or damage to [a woman’s] uterus.”

The app also raises serious concerns about the potential for coercion or abuse. 

The FDA’s previous decision to eliminate in-person dispensing of these drugs already created an environment ripe for abuse and trafficking. 

There is no way for the abortion provider to verify whether a woman seeking an abortion via a telehealth visit is alone or under duress from an abuser. 

With the app, there is even less oversight, making it possible for a trafficker or abusive partner to obtain abortion drugs without the woman’s consent.

Research further underscores the risks associated with removing in-person medical oversight. 

One study found that one in 30 women who received abortion drugs after an in-person examination still ended up in the emergency room.

Another study highlighted a 330% increase in hospitalizations when abortion drugs were mailed without any in-person visits. 

These statistics reveal the severe consequences of the FDA’s lax regulations.

This situation has reached a critical point as the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether to hold the FDA accountable for removing essential safety standards. 

Alliance Defending Freedom, along with medical professionals, is challenging the FDA’s actions, arguing that they have jeopardized women’s health and safety. 

Two lower courts have already ruled against the FDA’s reckless policies, and the Supreme Court’s involvement could provide the final judgment needed to protect women and girls across the country.

In conclusion, Planned Parenthood’s app-based distribution of high-risk abortion drugs is a dangerous leap that sacrifices women’s health and safety for convenience. 

This app not only undermines essential medical protocols but also increases the risk of abuse and coercion. 

As pro-lifers, it is imperative to advocate for the protection of women and the unborn by supporting policies that require thorough medical oversight and uphold the sanctity of life.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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