Fearless group of pro-lifers took on abortion clinic and the end result will have you cheering

Photo by Tessa Rampersad from Unsplash

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like pro-life efforts don’t make concrete changes. . .but a recent event has proved that wrong. 

Especially when the mainstream media refuses to report on pro-life victories.

But this fearless group of pro-lifers took on one behemoth abortion clinic and the end result will have you cheering.

Clinic 554, once a haven for the unthinkable act of abortion, has announced its permanent closure. 

Join us in celebrating the end of an era of darkness and the dawn of a new era filled with hope and life!

In the wake of this miraculous announcement, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) raises its voice in gratitude to those who fought hard for this moment. 

“This is great news for preborn babies and their moms in New Brunswick,” declares CLC National President Jeff Gunnarson. 

“This baby-killing business venture will no longer be able to prey on vulnerable mothers and offer to kill their precious children to make money.”

But this victory did not come without fervent prayer and unwavering dedication. 

Last fall, pro-life warriors embarked on a 40 Days for Life campaign, standing vigil outside Clinic 554, petitioning the heavens for its closure. 

Led by a former CLC intern, these champions of life poured out their hearts in prayer and fasting, their voices rising in unison against the darkness.

In response to the closure, local pro-abortion activists lamented the perceived hindrance to abortion access. 

But their loss is a life’s gain!  

CLC Atlantic coordinator Ruth Robert rejoices in the triumph of life, stating to the outlet, “Hundreds of babies’ lives will be saved from death with the closure of this murder house.”

Reflecting on the tireless efforts of the 40 Days for Life campaign, Robert recounts the steadfast resolve of dedicated volunteers. 

“Some of the amazing volunteers drove for over four hours and would stay for hours praying,” she shares. 

“It’s because of people like Sarah Grace that this abortion mill is now closed.” 

Indeed, the courage of one individual, fueled by faith and devotion, has sparked a ripple effect of transformation.

In the words of Robert, “It all begins with one person stepping out in faith, and saying ‘Yes’ to God.” 

Today, we bear witness to the power of faith in action, as the closure of Clinic 554 stands as a testament to the triumph of light over darkness, life over death.

As we rejoice in this momentous victory, let us continue to stand firm in our commitment to defending the sanctity of life. 

With science on our side and perseverance in our beliefs, we shall press onward in the noble cause of protecting the most vulnerable among us.

In the end, it is not our strength alone that brings about victory, but the teamwork and consistency shown by pro-lifers working together that has ultimately triumphed!

One more down, many to go! 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.