Federal prison awaits Pro-Lifers while murderers go scot-free. In Biden’s America, Justice is not blind

Joe Biden’s Department of so-called “Justice” is using the police power of the federal government to intimidate and punish those who take a stand against his radical agenda.

Now, Pro-Life activists trying to save the lives of innocent preborn children and support mothers in crisis face years in federal prison.

Ideologues at Biden’s DOJ won’t rest until opponents are silenced or behind bars.

In March of 2021, a small group of loving Christians gathered in the hallway outside the Carafem Health Center Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee.

They prayed, sang hymns, and gently urged women to seek alternatives to abortion.  

This peaceful, life-affirming gathering brought the hammer of Joe Biden’s radicalized DOJ down on their heads.

Peaceful pro-life protesters may end up in federal prison

Local police were called to the scene to disperse the group and, after issuing several warnings, arrested some of the participants on the spot for trespassing misdemeanors.

That would be the end of the story if the tyrannical Biden regime wasn’t hell-bent on persecuting and silencing dissenting views.

A year and a half after the peaceful demonstration, the FBI muscled in with FACE Act and conspiracy against rights charges.

Now, the Pro-Life activists face over 10 years in federal prison.

The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances or FACE Act is a 1994 law which prohibits the use of physical force or the threat of physical force, to injure, intimidate, or interfere with anyone who is obtaining an abortion.

The DOJ’s claim that singing and praying could injure or intimidate would be laughable if these selfless individuals weren’t facing up to a decade in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Peaceful Pro-Lifers headed for prison while violent BLM rioters get a pass

The same DOJ that’s more than eager to send peaceful Christians to federal prison for defending life gave BLM rioters who torched businesses and beat up innocent bystanders a slap on the wrist.

The Associated Press found that BLM defendants across the U.S. who pled guilty or were convicted at trial of federal crimes including rioting, arson and conspiracy have, on average, been sentenced to a paltry 27 months behind bars.

And while Biden’s lawless DOJ freely uses the FACE Act to jail abortion opponents, they ignore the fact the law protects pro-life pregnancy centers, too.

Crisis pregnancy centers under siege

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade more than 200 acts of vandalism have been perpetrated against crisis pregnancy centers and Catholic churches.

Yet, Biden’s Justice Department has filed charges in just a handful.

In one of the cases the DOJ chose to pursue, an Ohio woman spray-painting the words, “LIARS!,” “Fund Abortion,” and “Abort God” on a crisis pregnancy center.  She faces a maximum of one year in prison.

Double standard doesn’t hit anywhere close to the mark.

Under the Biden Regime, America is looking more and more like Castro’s Cuba where raw power supersedes the rule of law and political opponents are routinely jailed.

This November we have the chance to put the blindfold back across the eyes of Lady Justice.  We must seize it!

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.