Feminist magazine made a deadly error when they had this to say about trafficking survivors

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Abortion not only kills innocent babies – but it is dangerous for women too.

But one feminist magazine is promoting abortion in an unthinkable way.

And once you hear what they had to say about trafficking survivors you’ll be outraged at their deadly comments.

Human traffickers love abortion 

Sexual predators who abuse and sell women and young girls love abortion because it covers up the “evidence” of their crime.

When their underage victims get pregnant – thanks to pro-abortion laws in many states that allow minors to get an abortion without parental permission – all they do is force their victims to get an abortion.

And because rabid pro-abortion activists are set on keeping abortion legal – no questions are asked.

Frightened 14-year-old trafficked girls are forced to get an abortion – and gleeful abortionists happily comply. 

Instead of being rescued, or protected, the trafficked girl is returned to the brutal nightmare world of exploitation. 

The abortion industry continues to sacrifice the bodies of young girls

The abortion lobby has one goal – kill as many babies as possible while raking in obscene profits.

Their disdain for human life is apparent to every Pro-Lifer who follows the deadly trail of blood of the brutal world of abortionists.  

Instead of working to enact laws that protect minors from getting abortions without parental consent, the abortion lobby is doing just the opposite.

They would rather push their “abortion anywhere and everywhere” agenda rather than protect a trafficked girl.

Instead of valuing the body of a young woman, anti-life activists would rather sacrifice her for the “greater good” of pushing abortion.

In their world, the ends justify the means.

They’ve even gone so far as to claim abortion actually helps trafficked girls . . .

. . . and now this dangerous lie is making its way around social media and being shared as if it is actually true.

The deadly lie pushed by the pro-abortion crowd

Feminist magazine Ms. Magazine wrote an article titled “How Anti-Abortion Trafficking Laws Actually *Harm* Youth Trafficking Survivors.”

Blasting an Idaho law that punishes people who help minors get abortions across state lines or give them abortion drugs without parental consent – Ms. Magazine claimed the laws designed to stop sexual predators interfered with the “reproductive healthcare” of teens. 

The propaganda-laced article went on to say, “Trafficked youth already struggle to receive stigma-free and trauma-informed reproductive healthcare. Laws like Idaho’s threaten to undermine abortion access for survivors of sexual violence and trafficking.”

Ms. Magazine continued, “Idaho’s law is a test and will result in forced pregnancies, unsafe abortions and increased powerlessness for youth trafficking survivors in the state and throughout the country.”


Helping a sexual predator continue to abuse a teen by forcing her to get an abortion isn’t taking away a teen’s “power” . . . 

. . . it’s further subjecting her to abuse. 

If the anti-life movement continues to spread this deadly lie, it’s guaranteed more trafficked teens will be in danger.

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