Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just took another huge pro-life action by signing this important bill

Some national Republican leaders continue to debate how to handle the abortion issue.

Instead of wringing their hands and selling out on the issue they should be following the lead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Because Ron DeSantis just took another huge pro-life action by signing this important bill.

The battle of abortion continues to wage around the country.

Pro-life before and after birth

And too many in the supposedly “pro-life” GOP are seemingly all too willing to sell out on the issue in the mistaken belief it will win them pro-abortion voters.

But some Republican stalwarts are not backing down from the fight.

And they are taking concrete actions to save babies both before, and after, birth.

For example, pro-life Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a law that extends Florida’s infant surrender law to allow a 30-day surrender period up from seven days of age. 

The law also allows the mother to call 911 to set up a direct surrender to first responders.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ signature means HB 775 will take effect on July 1, 2024. 

The anonymous surrender law gives parents immunity from criminal prosecution if there are no indications of abuse or neglect.

The extension to 30 days is vitally important in situations where premature infants are left in hospital NICUs by a mother who does not return for them. 

The original smaller window of just seven days created issues for hospital staff who were not sure if the parent would return.

Pam Stenzel, Development director for Safe Haven Baby Boxes (SHBB) recently spoke with Pregnancy Help News and shared an example of a call she received from a NICU nurse in south Florida.

A good start, but more to be done

“An 18-year-old delivered in their hospital and the baby needed to be in NICU,” Stenzel said. “She had hidden the pregnancy from family and everyone and she just wasn’t returning.”

While Stenzel applauded the extension of the timeframe for infants from seven to 30 days she also said she was concerned about the law’s failure to handle the use of safe haven baby boxes.

“Because of the way it is worded, it does not expressly prohibit the use of an infant safety device,” she noted. “Some states expressly in their language say the infant must be handed to a person.”

She also said Florida’s law says “the infant must be surrendered at a fire station or hospital which allows SHBB to continue to operate the two infant safety devices already available in the state, in Ocala and Newberry, with plans to install more.”

SHBB has placed infant safety devices in 17 states so far, and 23 states allow for the utilization of safe haven baby boxes.

“Since 2016, when the first box opened in Indiana, we have had 238 active baby boxes in operation,” Stenzel said. “We’ve helped 153 women surrender face-to-face and 49 infants safely surrendered in a baby box.”

Governor DeSantis continues to lead the way on life and national Republicans would be wise to follow his lead.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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