Former abortion advocate says this incredible encounter not only changed her mind about abortion, but it also changed her heart

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At a young age, Denise Mountenay suffered a brutal sexual assault that altered the course of her life.

Never processing the trauma that happened to her, she lived a life of chaos – resulting in three abortions.

But Mountenay says this encounter not only changed her mind about abortion, but it also changed her heart.

Sexually assaulted as a teenager

When she was just 13 years old, a teen boy sexually assaulted Denise at a sleepover.

Ashamed and humiliated, Denise buried this tragic trauma deep inside, never processing or getting help to heal.

The loss of her virginity and the shame surrounding the event caused Denise to make a series of poor decisions with men as a teenager, and she ended up pregnant.

Denise was determined to keep her baby, but her mother insisted she get an abortion to “move on with her life”. 

So young Denise went through with the abortion.

The trauma of abortion

Ten years later she was pregnant again . . . 

. . . with a boyfriend who kicked her out as soon as he learned she was pregnant.

Again, her mother told her not to raise a child out of wedlock, and encouraged her to get an abortion.

Instead of standing up to her mother and fighting for her unborn baby, Denise got another abortion.

She was awake during the abortion, screaming for the abortionist to stop as he ripped another life from her womb.

Denise said, “I felt as if I was being raped all over again. Afterward, I sunk into a profound depression,” Live Action News reported. 

Turning to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, Denise continued on her downward spiral and found herself pregnant again.

Yet again, Denise aborted her baby.

A powerful encounter with Jesus 

Denise found a group of Christians, and at a GLOW meeting she gave her life to Christ.

Speaking of her incredible transformation, Denise said “While surrounded by powerful prayer warriors, I got the revelation that Satan had stolen my virginity and abortion had killed my children. I was called to the altar, where I confessed my sin of abortion and repented. That’s when God started to transform my life,” Live Action News reported. 

Finally, Denise got the healing she desperately needed, and she began to forgive herself for what she had done, once she understood Jesus had forgiven her.

She had a powerful vision of Jesus appearing with the three children she aborted, who told her they forgave her too.

Forever changed by her experience, Denise dedicated her life to advocating for unborn babies as a sidewalk counselor outside of abortion clinics and sharing her testimony whenever she could.

She even founded a nonprofit called Together for Life Ministries to help those who have suffered the pain of abortion.

Now married with a beautiful son, Denise can’t help but feel overwhelmed at the power of God’s redemption in her life.

She said “It’s just like God to turn my mess into a message by providing a way for an ordinary woman like me to confront the most contentious issue of our time,” Live Action News reported.

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