Former CBS anchor Dan Rather is excited about one abortion statistic that will make you sick to your stomach

Dan Rather hosted CBS Evening News for 24 years during his long career as a news personality.

Even though he is no longer in the media, Rather continues to push his left-wing agenda through blogs and other outlets.

And former CBS anchor Dan Rather is excited about one abortion statistic that will make you sick to your stomach.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a total disaster.

From the border crisis to surging crime to high inflation, Joe Biden has zero accomplishments to run on against Donald Trump in November.

That’s why Biden is making abortion-on-demand the central theme of his re-election efforts.

“Abortion bans are now a voting issue in battleground states across the country,” a Biden campaign adviser said. “That will decide this election.”

Kamala Harris embarked on her Reproductive Freedom Tour in January to rally pro-abortion Democrats to turn out to the polls and vote this fall.

And left-wing activists like former CBS anchor Dan Rather are more than willing to help push the Democrats’ pro-abortion agenda.

In an article published on his substack, Rather slammed the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and acknowledged Trump’s betrayal of Pro-Life values.

“Since that statement almost two years ago, the body politic has made its collective voice heard on the issue, and now some Republicans are walking back their overtly anti-choice stances,” he wrote. “Even Trump now claims he won’t support a national abortion ban.”

Rather claimed that America was in a state of distress due to laws passed after the Dobbs decision that restrict abortion access.

“A nationwide shortage of gynecologists and obstetricians makes the exodus even more dire,” he wrote. “Idaho has lost 22% of its OB-GYNs since 2022,” he continued. “Almost 7 million American women now have low or no access to maternal health care — that includes an estimated 500,000 births.”

But there is one statistic that went up after the Dobbs decision that had Rather jumping for joy.

And that is an increase in the number of abortions.

“And finally, a counterintuitive consequence that I am sure the anti-reproductive freedom crowd did not expect,” he wrote. “Abortion rates in the United States are at their highest levels in more than a decade,” he continued. “Last year saw a 10% increase in abortions nationwide.”

“In states without bans, the increase was 25%,” he added.

Rather called abortion-on-demand a “hot-button issue” and predicted it could propel Joe Biden to a second term in office.

“To their peril, they also did not anticipate the passion and strength of the pro-choice movement, which may just propel Joe Biden to a second term,” he concluded.

Rather’s excitement about an increase in the number of murdered unborn babies only shows how deranged and evil the pro-abortion Democrats have become.

Instead of supporting abortion as an alleged “woman’s right to choose,” they cheer and praise the killing of precious unborn babies.

And if they get their way, abortion-on-demand up until birth will be the law of the land in America.

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