Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan stabbed Pro-Life voters in the back after he secured the GOP nomination

Democrats are rallying in unity around their taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand until birth platform.

Meanwhile, Republicans are at best weak, and at worst simply joining with the radical pro-abortion lobby.

And former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan stabbed Pro-Life voters in the back after he secured the GOP nomination.

Larry Hogan, the former two-term RINO, never-Trump governor of Maryland recently won the Republican nomination for the Old Line state’s open U.S. Senate seat.

Wasting no time promoting radical abortion-on-demand

And Hogan wasted no time letting Marylanders know just how radically pro-abortion he really is.

Hogan said in an interview shortly after securing the nomination that he supports legislation in Congress to codify abortion rights in federal law.

He described himself as ‘pro-choice’ in what The New York Times called a “remarkable pivot as he heads into a highly competitive race.”

“Mr. Hogan, who just two years ago vetoed a state law to expand abortion access in Maryland, also said he would vote to enshrine abortion rights in the state’s Constitution, a measure that will be on the ballot in November. He had previously declined to take a clear stance on either issue.”

That means a top GOP Senate candidate now openly favors putting the mass murder of children into Maryland’s Constitution.

This is a move that just a few short years ago would have all but assured him of a massive loss in November.

Unfortunately, Republicans have done such a horrible job on the issue since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, that comments like Hogan’s are becoming far too frequent in the once strongly pro-life GOP.

The constitutional right to commit murder

But what makes Hogan’s comments even worse is that by calling for abortion to be enshrined in the state’s Constitution, Hogan is promoting making murder a constitutional right.

This is a far cry from past Republican leaders, and even a far cry from Hogan’s own stated position just a few short years ago.

The abortion enshrinement measure will be on this November’s ballot, and many are saying Hogan made his comments hoping to capitalize on the radical pro-abortion lobby’s expected massive turnout efforts for the measure.

What Hogan is forgetting is that his position just cost him the support of the majority of Marylanders who oppose abortion without limits.

And it certainly cost him the legions of pro-life activists who provide most of the small dollar donations and ground troops for any GOP candidate.

Meanwhile, it is almost a certainty that Hogan’s pro-abortion maneuver won’t gain him one pro-abortion voter this November.

So not only is Hogan’s pro-abortion trick play immoral and disgusting, but it is also simply stupid politics as well.

Republicans have long been known as the stupid party, and nowhere has this proven more correct than in their handling of abortion.

Unless the Republican Party changes course and decides to strongly stand up for life, it is going to be a very long, and losing election season.

And Larry Hogan is certain to be the poster child of how to lose an election by selling out your base in order to promote killing more babies.

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