Former Trump advisor sent pro-abortion radicals reeling with this revelation

The anti-life mob is on the warpath.

They will stop at nothing to make abortion-on-demand through all nine months the law of the land.

But recently, this former Trump advisor sent pro-abortion radicals reeling with this revelation.

Valerie Huber, President of the Institute for Women’s Health, is making waves in the global health arena.

She is promoting women’s health without succumbing to the pro-abortion pressures that often accompany international aid. 

In a recent interview on “EWTN Pro-Life Weekly,” Huber discussed her mission and the efforts of her organization to support women’s health comprehensively, from conception to natural death.

Huber, who previously served as the first special representative for global women’s health under former President Donald Trump, emphasized that health should never be equated with abortion. 

Reflecting on her tenure, Huber stated, “I had the whole world, but only one focus, and that was promoting women’s health and to ensure that health was not equated with abortion, because it shouldn’t be, and it’s not.”

Since founding the Institute, Huber has expanded her outreach, working with various nations to foster pro-life policies and initiatives. 

One notable project is the Women’s Optimal Health Framework, launched in collaboration with the First Lady of Uganda and the pro-life government of Guatemala. 

This initiative is described as the “first life-affirming, family-strengthening framework that ministries of health can use in these countries to affirm every life.”

Huber highlights the holistic approach of this framework, which addresses not only physical health but also emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. 

“There’s not another framework that takes these elements, empowers a government, and literally empowers a woman and a girl at that community level to have opportunities that she has not had in the past,” she explained.

A significant challenge in Huber’s mission is the pressure many countries face to promote abortion ideology or risk losing international aid. 

“What we want to be as the Institute for Women’s Health is that encourager that not only encourages them to stand but gives them the tools and the resources so they can stand,” she said.

During her time as a special representative, Huber observed a troubling trend: the conflation of women’s health with abortion by many U.S. allies. 

“Women’s health had experienced a devolution where women’s health was being equated with abortion,” she noted. 

“It’s just not true. It’s very limiting. It’s a narrative that leaves women who are dying every day behind with no assistance for anything else,” (EWTN News).

Huber’s goal was to refocus efforts on genuinely vulnerable women and girls worldwide, who are often overlooked when the priority is promoting abortion. 

When she proposed that other nations collaborate with the U.S. to address unsolved conditions affecting women globally, she encountered resistance. 

“No countries would agree to leave abortion out of that equation in order to promote women’s health,” Huber revealed.

This resistance highlighted the ideological motives behind the push for abortion. 

“It told me that the priority was not really helping the women who needed help. It was promoting ideology above women’s health, and actually that women were being used as a vehicle for ideology,” she said.

In response, Huber began forging alliances with pro-life, pro-family countries. 

This effort culminated in the Geneva Consensus Declaration, a groundbreaking initiative uniting nations around several pro-family principles. 

The declaration, signed by representatives from 37 countries including Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, and Uganda, asserts that “the family is foundational to society.”

It also says that “there is no international right to abortion; it’s not a human right,” and that countries have the sovereign right to defend life, family, and women’s health without external pressure.

“It created a coalition of nations that said, regardless of where we are, we commit to improve health and thriving for women and girls,” Huber stated. 

This coalition stands as a testament to the possibility of promoting women’s health while respecting the sanctity of life.

Valerie Huber’s work exemplifies the pro-life movement’s commitment to genuine women’s health. 

Her efforts remind us that true advocacy for women does not compromise on the value of life but rather seeks to support and uplift women and girls in all aspects of their well-being. 

As Florida prepares to face similar challenges, the example set by Huber and her institute offers a blueprint for standing firm against the encroaching tide of abortion ideology.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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