Gavin Newsom revealed how Kari Lake inspired him to introduce emergency legislation to help Arizonans get abortions in California

A near-total ban on abortions will soon take effect in Arizona.

Governor Gavin Newsom is hoping to turn California into a refuge for Arizonans seeking an abortion.

And Gavin Newsom revealed how Kari Lake inspired him to introduce emergency legislation to help Arizonans get abortions in California.

In the State Supreme Court’s decision to uphold an 1864 law that makes performing abortions a felony in Arizona, the Justices stayed enforcement of their ruling for 14 days.

Wednesday will be 14 days since the Supreme Court’s ruling, but a court order on a separate challenge would make June 8 the earliest any criminal charges could be brought for performing an abortion.

“A separate challenge to the territorial law in which her [Attorney General Kris Mayes] predecessor, Mark Brnovich, agreed not to enforce the old law for 45 days after the effective date of any Supreme Court ruling upholding that law,” Your Valley reported. “That, she said, makes June 8 the earliest any criminal charges could be brought.”

But Governor Gavin Newsom is preparing to turn his neighboring state of California into a refuge for Arizonans should the abortion ban take effect.

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom said he’s preparing to introduce emergency legislation to state lawmakers that would offer Arizona abortion providers an expedited path to getting licensed there,” KJZZ reported. “Newsom told MSNBC that if the near-total ban on abortion in Arizona takes effect, California providers are bracing for an influx of patients.”

And Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake was the inspiration behind Newsom’s decision.

If abortion becomes a felony in Arizona, last week Kari Lake told residents they could simply “travel three hours” to have the procedure.

“Even if we have a restrictive law here, you can go three hours that way, three hours that way, and you’re going to be able to have an abortion,” Lake said.

According to Axios, “Newsom said his decision to work on the Arizona bill took inspiration from Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake, who suggested after criticizing the state Supreme Court for upholding a near-total abortion ban that Arizonans could cross the border to California for the procedure.”

Newsom’s proposal would shorten the amount of time it takes for Arizona doctors to be approved to perform abortions in California to anywhere from five to 10 days.

While at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Sacramento, Newsom admitted that “we took that quite literally and quite seriously.” 

Of course, Kari Lake has flip-flopped back and forth on the abortion issue in recent weeks.

As a candidate for Governor in 2022, Lake called the ban on abortions a “great” law and supported its implementation.

But after the State Supreme Court upheld the 1864 law that makes abortion a felony, Lake called on the Democrat Governor and GOP-controlled legislature “to come up with an immediate common sense solution that Arizonans can support.”

“This total ban on abortion that the Arizona Supreme Court has ruled on is out of line with where the people of this state are,” Lake said in a video posted to X on April 11th.

However, Lake recently flip-flopped once again and is now attacking Democrats for promising not to enforce the law.

“The Arizona Supreme Court said this is the law of Arizona,” Lake said. “But unfortunately, the people running our state have said we’re not going to enforce it,” she continued, before adding that “we don’t have that law, as much as many of us wish we did.”

Lake’s flip-flopping represents one major problem with many Republican legislators when it comes to the issue of abortion.

Instead of standing on the principle of defending the life of the unborn, they go back and forth depending on the latest polls.

That’s why Pro-Life voters must vet all candidates on the issue to ensure that they are solidly against abortion.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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