George Soros-funded prosecutors refusing to enforce abortion limits in these key red states

Photo by Sora Shimazaki via pexels

As soon as the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, red states began to act.

A number of states passed either outright bans on abortion or major limitations to the killing of the preborn.

But now George Soros-funded prosecutors are refusing to enforce abortion limits in these key red states.

Republican lawmakers are starting to find a major problem in their states’ near-total abortion bans or restrictions.

Namely some left-wing local prosecutors are deciding they won’t enforce them.

Bypass the local prosecutors or kick them out of office

But in a few key states, GOP lawmakers are fighting back against the unlawful actions of the prosecutors.

Republicans in four states; Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, and Texas have now introduced legislation to handle the growing problem.

The bills would allow state officials to either bypass local prosecutors or kick them out of office if their enforcement of abortion laws is too lenient or nonexistent.

Legislators around the country are growing more and more frustrated by left-wing District Attorneys who are publicly pledging not to bring charges under their state’s abortion laws.

And these prosecutors are for the most part funded by George Soros and his spiderweb of leftist organizations.

Abortion law is not the only area in which these prosecutors are choosing to ignore state laws.

They are even refusing to charge violent gang members and repeat violent offenders

In fact, one of several bills introduced in Texas would allow the state Attorney General or a private citizen to ask a court to remove a District Attorney who fails to prosecute abortion-related offenses or any other “crimes of violence.”

There are also plans to introduce a bill in the Lonestar state to allow any resident to bring civil claims against prosecutors, or anyone else, suspected of “aiding and abetting” an illegal abortion.

In Georgia, legislators are looking to create a “prosecutorial oversight commission” to discipline or remove local prosecutors who demonstrate a “willful and persistent failure to perform his or her duties.”

In South Carolina, there is a bill pending in the state house that would give the state Attorney General the power to prosecute abortion cases.

And in Indiana, one proposed bill would allow a special prosecutor to be appointed by the legislature to enforce laws when a local prosecutor declines to do so.

Part of a larger fight

The growing tension between Republican legislators and Governors and local leftist prosecutors over abortion is just one part of a much wider battle brewing over differing approaches to criminal justice.

Some battles have already been fought over drug laws, property crimes, bail, repeat offenders, and other issues.

There are more prosecutors, heavily funded by the likes of George Soros, especially in Democrat cities within red states, winning elections.

And conservative state legislators say they must work to rein in their excesses.

Republican Indiana Senator Aaron Freeman put it this way, “Whatever issue we’re talking about — whether it’s marijuana, abortion, enforcing homicide statutes, enforcing whatever the law is — the law is on the books, and the law is supposed to be applied equally across the board among our citizens. If we’re just going to basically ignore the Constitution and our republic and just do whatever the hell we want, well, that’s a society that scares the Hell out of me.”

That scares the hell out of most Americans, Senator.

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